got valley 3 instrumented today, and after replacing the 2 meter CSAT3A head got all the instruments working. Original head gave only NAN's. Waiting on INEGI to supply batteries to power up the station.

replaced the cable at TNW 07 20 meter TRH, and replaced the 12v P/S with a 14 volt unit. (60 meter TRH now working on its own)

Having issues with Valley 07 20 meter Licor and CSAT3A, will explore other avenues tomorrow hopefully.

Questions about needing serial #'s for TNW 07 - all NCAR sensors there are TRH's, and they report their S/N's - do we need the ID's from the RMY sonics that are the only other sensors on the tower?

Power pole and drop for Valley 04 is about 35 yds from tower, will attempt to run DC cable, but am concerned about IR drop for that distance, will use 14 v P/S to compensate, but that takes another 14 v supply from other needy stations......

only 2 more towers to instrument until user sensors arrive. 


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  1. Yes, we are recording all the serial numbers (including user sensors), since we are the people deploying them.

    Also, yes, for the TRHs I have been recording the serial numbers using rserial once the sensors are deployed.