We set up station TrSE01 today, long and hard.  Dan spent about 6.5+ hrs on the tower with NO complaints - what a trooper!

Spent lots  of time trying to get the 10m sonic (csat3a) on line.

Very frustrating. The sonic was working well in the ops center this morning, but refused to cooperate once on the tower.

Tried multiple grounding techniques, isolation, etc. to no avail. 

Will have to revisit later. 

We may need to have more power cable sent over to accommodate  solar panel and power pole to station runs, will assess tomorrow.

Power is down at the ops center, so we don't know if TrSE01 is reporting.

No other sites visited today.



  1. As far as I can tell, tse01 is working just fine now.  Sonic data look fine from 10m and 30m and 30m EC150 values are there (haven't examined all the values).  NR01 is fine.  GPS is fine.  lsu shows data being recorded.

    I <did> notice that the mote ID was set to 30 (which probably was its ID).  However, we had decided to configure all soil and voltage monitoring motes with ID=1 (and all 4-component radiometer motes with ID=2).  With ID=1, the configurations are the same to parse the data values.  I've just reset this with "?", "id=1", "eeupdate".
  2. Thanks for fixing the mote.  I noticed that but wasn't sure how to fix it yet.

    I was going to check on the 10m winds tonight, but you beat me to it.  I wondered if there could be some temperature dependence.  We tried to think of anything that was different between the ops center and the tower as far as wiring and grounding, but nothing worked.  The fact that it works now is rather irritating.  I'll be curious to see if it happens again tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, we left the boom not extended and the head may not be vertical, so I suppose that means we need to visit again to straighten it out in case it keeps working.


  3. Some notes from working on this site at the ops center:

    Dan started out testing what had already been assembled for this site, and he discovered that no messages were being sent from the EC100 boxes. We started with testing an EC100 with CSAT3A head and EC150 gas analyzer and PTB110 pressure sensor connected to port 2 of DSM. Verified port 2 jumpered for RS422.

    We could get the EC100 prompt and send commands, so RS232 baud rate of 115200 looks correct.

    Also saw EC100 prompts on the usb interface, at 19200, and simultaneously with the RS232 connection.

    At first I thought this could be the oversample bug, but that was with CSAT3 sonics, not CSAT3A. That also explained why we could not see any mention of rates higher than 20 Hz in the EC100 menu (see https://jira.eol.ucar.edu/browse/ISFS-140).

    The menus say unprompted binary mode is on, but nothing comes out. Toggling back and forth does not change anything. Dumping parameters shows reasonable wind speeds and temperature.

    According to the wiki page, http://wiki.eol.ucar.edu/sew/ISFS/SensorInformation/EC150, ECMon is required to enable unprompted binary and set the baud rate. Apparently that's true even if the menus report that unprompted mode is enabled.

    EC100 #1690 with CSAT3A and IRGA

    I used ECMon on my windows virtual host to setup the configuration over USB like so, but I don't know if this is correct. I couldn't find a reference anywhere, but I thought I remembered seeing one before...

    • run unprompted mode at 20 Hz and 115200.
    • analog output disabled
    • shadow correction disabled
    • auto-select temperature sensor
    • disable heater manual control
    • EC100 barometer: EC100 Enhanced
    • sample cell pressure sensor: differential

    If a PTB110 is installed, what should the barometer setting be? I guessed that it should be "Enhanced".

    I saw a warning about "invalid ambient temperature", casuing the gas readings to be bad, and then realized the ambient temperature probe was not plugged in.

    EC100 #1796 with CSAT3A

    I didn't need to do anything to get this one to work, other than make sure it was grounded.


    I ran the ansible update playbook on tse01 while in the ops center.