installed TNW01 

20 m ARL RMY 81000 s/n 1359

10 m ARL RMY 81000 s/n 645

2 m ARL RMY 81000 s/n 712

mote # 55

PTB220 s/n U4110003

DSM power panel fried upon hookup, power was ok at cable end before attaching, but the smoke was let out at power up.

will install spare DSM tomorrow?

added 2nd battery at TSE 02 and grounded DSM

TNW 11 installed 14 v P/S

RiNE 07 swapped port 4 and 6 (NRO1, and EC150), data streams now look OK

verified that Tr NW 06 and Tr NW 05 towers are installed - 05 is a real bugger to get to.

Attempted to power up V04 but power run is about 42 meters, and would exhaust our supply of long power cables, so I am making a cable out of the zip cord and will attempt to install tomorrow.


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  1. I configured DSM 258 to replace DSM 206 for tnw01:

    • set_ip
    • set_hostname
    • btrn, btrn -t 16
    • apt-get update, apt-get upgrade
    • rm /var/lib/apt/listchanges.db
    • apt upgrade isfs-daq
    • reboot
    • apt install isfs-field-perdigao

    It's ready to go back to the tower, but the tower doesn't have power yet so there's no rush.


  2. tnw11.10m still is reporting bad values (error flag constantly "12", rather than 0).  I had hoped that this issue would disappear after the change to a 14V power supply.  (I see that Vdsm is now 13.7V, which should be fine.)  Something else must be wrong with this sonic.