got tnw05 partially setup today (need N.D. and O.U. sonics to flesh out the station).

Access is particularly difficult, but do-able.

Sea containers still have not arrived but Jose Carlos says they will be here this evening.

Not sure which container holds the sensors we need, or where in the container they reside, but we will attempt to retrieve them tomorrow. This site and tnw06 are the only towers erected left to instrument, then it is all maintenance till Samortechnica gets more in the air. Jose tells me that they plan on a big push next week. Time will tell.

I plan on at least two days per tower for these since they have a lot of levels, and solar panels.

tnw05 also has a lot of trees, one right next to the tower that is about 10 meters high, so I plan to place all sonics 12 meters and lower 60 degs to the west, (upper levels still are aimed SE), unless you want me to cut the tree down.


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  1. Our stuff is in seatainer OKTU9020788, along with WVDIAL.  By now, José Carlos has shared a photo of the seatainers delivered.

    I mentioned to Steve, and Dan might recall, that I have had several deviations from the "plan".  The sonic at tse12.10m I mounted to the NW (and still didn't extend the boom all the way), to avoid hitting a tree.  Also, the darkhorse at rsw04 is to the N of the tower, because I thought all locations to the S were compromised by earthmoving activities.  Feel free to adapt to the circumstances (but please document).