instrumented TrNW06 today. last of the standing towers that I know of.

My apologies for redundant entries - I could not see my earlier posts for some reason, and wasn't sure if they had actually been posted.

Samortechnica was in the area today, working on ??? no idea where.

Enigi will be here tomorrow to install batteries and solar systems hopefully at TNw01, Va03, and TrSE 5?.

we will start replacing bad TRh's at multiple sites, and wearing down the "to do" list

already having people asking to borrow the truck and a driver to assist in various user deployments,

will help when I can, but our work must come first, and not sure how people will take that. Is NCAR running this circus or are we just another participant?



  1. I noticed that the RMYoung on port 1 was only reporting at 16Hz, so I changed the config to set the output rate to 20 Hz.  The rest of the config looked correct.

    About the redundant blogs, Steve also noticed that some blogs show up in some lists on the wiki and not in others, and I have not been able to find an explanation or a fix.  Sorry.


  2. The issue of blogs not showing up on some lists is a confluence bug that has shown up before on other projects. If you report it to the CISL help desk they can do some sort of database reset so that the search macros work properly - but it may show up again.