Update on changes/ aletrations to network:

-All stations relaying through RiNE_02 were offline from the week
before we arrived, found it had multiple frequencies selected, none of
them correct. Put in proper frequency brought back stations. Dropped
off once 2 days later, fixed, has been solid since then.

-Kurt powered up TrNW_1, TrSE_08, Vall_03, brought all online.

-TrSE_13 NNE was truly missed aimed. It was pointing NW, Dan and I
re-aimed NNE, now ND SODAR sites can get signal.

-We also re-aimed TrSE_13 SE more south to possible pick up Lidar's at
towers base.
-Helped DLR get their 3 Lidar's online.

-Gave Notre Dame 6 configured Ubiquiti's to use, they are still
awaiting power (3 for Lidar's 3 for Laura Leo's SODAR's etc.). They
are now all online.

-Breaker blew on utility pole at TrNW_10, reset.

-Corrected all not-yet-mounted ubiquiti's to reflect changes to tower
network layout (risw_06 > trse_04 change etc.)

-WVDial on network, btsync to eldora1 fs set up and running

-OU has its Ubiquiti, and their CLAMPS trailer/network is online.

-Breakers blew on utility pole at RiSW_06, had to reset 3 times before
it came back. DLR is still having power problems at that utility pole.

-Reconfigured remaining "spare" ubiquiti's, one as factory default. If
you need to use all you need to do is add mac address in "ap to lock"
and you're done, except the factory default one of course.

-Took repeater asus wifi router and reconfigured it as router for
192.168.100.x as a subnet of 192.168.1.x. With DTU not there I went
ahead and created a new wifi network called "Perdigao Ops Center",
with the repeater. Renamed the old wifi network as "Perdigao Systems",
as we are all but out of addresses on 192.168.1, no range left for
dhcp. Eddy is set to get it's address via dhcp over
wireless on "Perdigao Systems" wifi network.

-Bill's NE profiler moved to Ops Center parking lot. We have a 250ft
eth cable to pull through 2nd floor window to router.

-For the last week have had intermittent rogue routers, (found 2 at
one time) show up on network, tracked down to model numbers ur5i-v2, Opengear acm5504-5-3g, both are 3g modem
routers. is the default for leosphere routers. Asked
everyone to turn there's off. OU, WVDial, Notre Dame, seems to have
cleared up since DLR turned there cell modem/routers off. The effect
was dhcp offers and at one point and then they knocked
offline (possibly related to WPS???)

-got CU orange grove lidar on the network. Helkping Julie with Ops Center lidar now.

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