It still is hoped that mast construction will proceed.  The likely order is:

rne04: make secure (whenever Samortecnica next is here)

tnw02: pour concrete; erect (needs tractor, expected tomorrow?)

tnw05, tnw08: needs full construction, but holes could be dug as early as tomorrow...

(this is the maximum possible by the end of this week)

Following would be:

v02, tse14, tse15

tse05 likely never will be built (even though I think it is the most important tower in the network).


All of this would occur after Steve leaves, so Andy will be here, who is certified to climb/rescue.

So, the priority for Andy and me will be:

  1. maintain existing masts
  2. deal with user issues (data delivery, add odd sensors, etc.)
  3. install remaining sensors (ARL LiCors, currently in customs)
  4. instrument new towers.

Nevertheless, I expect that we should be able to get some of these towers instrumented.  INEGI has agreed to continue to add their solar panels to power these towers (except for rne04, that we will try to power up from the lidar AC drop).


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