Didn't do too much monitoring today, hence no real status update.  Didn't have a full day due to a) sleeping in b) lunch at the Alvaide Association c) dinner at the "kid" restaurant.  Nevertheless, did prep almost all of the remaining 2 tnw towers.  (For some reason, I could get the last mote to send a power message, but NIDAS isn't parsing it to create Vdsm.  If I change to ASCII output, I can see it in the mote message and I can see that every 5th Wisard message is longer (and contains a 0x49 = "I"), but mote_dump (data_dump) and prep display no Vdsm messages.  The .xml files and mote "eecfg" parameters look identical to a mote that is working.)

Prepping required digging into the ARL and UND seatainers to get more RMYoungs.  Turns out UND packed many of their boxes with 2 per box, so we had plenty – at least 8? spares now – though only 1 spare data cable.

Tomorrow (actually, later today), I'll see how many of the 3 tse towers I can prep before Andy arrives.  Jose Palma also is having his students take a tour tomorrow.


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