Again, pretty much ignored data – glad Gary is on top of this!

Morning: Finished prepping, though it took some work.  Couldn't get one EC100 box to send data, though the connection seemed fine.  (I <think> I got data out of it briefly after talking to it through ECMon (on Scot Lehrer's Windows laptop), but died again.)  Had one last EC100 that was noted to have questionable pressure, but got it working (mostly, just by reseating its connectors).  Also found that our last NR01 wasn't reporting Rlw.out (the other 3 values were fine).  Upon inspection, found 4 mashed wires inside (black, white, blue, grey).  Spliced them back together and all is happy.

Afternoon: Installed sensors at tnw08 (3 RMY).  While we were doing that, INEGI installed solar panels at tnw02, tnw05, and tnw08.  Thus, we <should> have been able to start tnw08.  However, we didn't have a power cable built up to connect to their box at the time, and they have now left with the only key to their battery boxes.  Andy will look for a key (triangle slot) in Castelo Branco tomorrow.

Supposedly, Samortecnica replaced the stake at rne04 today.  I haven't been up to see it yet.

I'll update the todo list with the new tasks.