Yet again, this is abbreviated.  One reason is that our software tools are broken:

  • I can't get to nagios through  I thought Gary's last message said it should work.  Presumably, I could vpn in to ustar and run nagios locally, but I haven't tried this.  Running from within the ops center on the .100 subnet serving from works.
  • eddy's WiFi stopped working yesterday.  It connects, but ping drops 50–80% of packets on all 3 wifi networks.  cockpit can't connect.  Since this is the only machine (other than ustar on the balcony) that can run cockpit, we no longer have cockpit.  My workaround plan is to run an ethernet cable from the balcony down to the ops center main floor to connect eddy back to the net.

Started the morning with a drive to v07, that I had recalled didn't come up yesterday.  Found that v07b is fine, but the power front panel on v07b squeals when I connect v07t power through the AUX connector.  I suspect something is quite wrong with v07t.  (I also recall that it was in our plan to ground v07t, but I don't think we did it.)  Since Andy took the day off, I couldn't climb to check this out.  v07b is running fine and archiving to its USB stick.

Then got a call from José Carlos that Generg was working on the power on the sw ridge.  With their work, replacing 2 12V power supplies, and resetting one differential protection, the entire ridge is now up.  (The Generg crew may have reset more differential protection circuits.)  The Generg crew at first thought that some of the problem was that we had connected the ground wire to our power supplies to neutral, so they cut the ground wire off.  However, when they started to demonstrate the problem to me, they couldn't replicate it (Murphy's Law).  Thus, I think some of the ground wires are now connected and others aren't.  At tnw03, I found that +24VDC from the DC-DC converter wasn't on and replaced it, however the new one didn't start immediately, yet eventually did while I was "poking around".  Not sure yet what action worked.



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  1. Sorry for any confusion about nagios.  You must be on an ops center network, ie 192.168.1 (tower) or 192.168.2 (CSCR Alvaiade), or you must be on a UCAR network (eg, by connecting to UCAR with VPN), to access the nagios web page.  I think the point I was trying to make in the last message was that you should be able to use the same URL from any of those networks (that was not true at first):

    If this does not work as described here, then let me know and I'll try to fix it.

    Note that sometimes the first time you connect you can get an error message in the subframe, so then you just need to reload the page and it should work.


  2. Steve Oncley AUTHOR

    Have now run our last long ethernet cable down from the balcony for eddy, so cockpit is back.  On some TODO list (probably not Perdigao's), we should add "fix eddy's wifi adaptor".  (Hopefully, it is just a loose daughter board inside.)


  3. Steve Oncley AUTHOR

    I did look through the data this evening, after most things began running again.  The TODO list has grown – several more TRHs have died in the rain.  There also were a couple of sonics down, some of which might recover as the rain dries.  Thus, we have a lot of work.  Also, we probably will need INEGI's help for the TRHs on the tall masts, since I think we're still not climbing these.