v07t: powered up each component in sequence.  As I was connecting the sensor power, heard a brief squeal, then normal.  Everything coming in except Li7500.20m.  Suspect that a fuse may have blown up there, but didn't have a spare.  Recall that it has been on our TODO list to ground this box (sad).  Left this sensor down, but everything else should be back.

rsw02: went to figure out why 20m sonic was dead.  Stupidly decided to climb and replace the RMY (including the messy rewiring of the cables while up the tower).  After doing all that, still no data.  Swapped fuses (and power tests okay).  Ended up changing from usb2 to usb3 and data are fine.  Had to set "5be" for this new sonic.  Andy has the new serial number.  Of course, the orientation (pitch and roll) may have changed.

tnw02: dropped off a few things – recovered the extra climbing claws from the climbing box we had left there.  Back to ops to get a few supplies (and gas) and will go back out now.


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  1. Steve Oncley AUTHOR

    Looking at the data, the Li7500 came up quite soon.  I'm puzzled, since data_stats I didn't see any data from it while on the tower.  <Still> should have a ground strap.  (But the hose clamps we had with us weren't the correct size.)