Yesterday, spent most of our effort erecting the "ladder" site at tse05 (with a lot of help from our friends).  It is highly compromised, but hopefully will still be useful:

  • Using the ladder, the sonic and NR01 are at about 1.5m, rather than 20m!!
  • The sensors are not level.  With my phone, I measure:
    • CSAT: pitched up to the SE by 1.8deg, rolled with top to the SW by 0.3deg.
    • NR01: pitched down to the NW (same as the CSAT) by 2.4deg, rolled down to the SW by 1.8deg
    • (still, only about 2deg off in this terrain is pretty good)
  • There are a LOT of rocks.  I explored several m^2 before finding a core location.  The soil installation is thus not precise (e.g. in depths and soil repair) and not totally representative.
  • The NR01 view contains the solar panel, the battery box, trampled brush, and branches above and below from the adjacent tree.  I tried to place the solar panel roughly perpendicular to the NR01, and to hide the battery box under a fern, but I'm sure both still can be seen.
  • Since the height is so low, I wanted to be away from trees.  This site is in a gap between trees on a terraced slope, but the trees probably channel the flow to be directly up or downslope.  Also, there is a several m^3 sized rock 5–10m upslope from the sonic.

Data immediately started being collected locally, but had trouble getting on the Ubiquiti network.  (Turns out that at least part of the problem was that this adaptor never had a WiFi password set.  Another issue may be trees in the field of view.)  Returned today to place the adaptor in a different location (strapped to a tree!) and all is well.