Andy and I split up.  He went with INEGI to replace TRH sensors and got to all the towers on the SW ridge before lunch.

I first visited v05, that wasn't pinging.  The DSM was up and logging data and the Ubiquiti could ping from outside.  (I didn't remember the IP address to try pinging the station's Ubiquiti from the wired side.)  Couldn't get ifup/down eth0 to work.  Rebooting the DSM didn't help.  Eventually just cycled power on the Ubiquiti (using the power side of the POE cable), and everything came back up.

Reinstalled the Ubiquiti at tse05 (see previous logbook entry).  It is now up.

Last, went back to rne04.  Andy's +24V wiring was fine, but reading only 20V, thus wondered if the total Ubiquiti + RMY power draw was too much for the 10W DC/DC converter.  Since at this site we have +24DC coming in (from a power supply at UND's "Lionsgate" lidar), I redid Andy's wiring to come directly from the station's input 24V power.  The Ubiquiti power went back up to 24V.  However, the sonic now blows fuses.  (I went through two of the 1A fuses.)  This isn't normal – all of our other RMY's have run fine through 1A fuses, and the current should even be lower at 24V.  (Yes, I checked the specs for RMY 81000 that it should run fine at 24V.)  I conclude that either the sensor is bad, or it is miswired at the sensor.  (I opened up the Bulgin connector and it seems okay to me.)  Climbing will be needed.