Today took cores at rsw04, v01, rne01, and tse12 as part of showing Matt and Luis Frohlen around.

I'm puzzled by the gravimetric soil sample table.  Entries are made for v06 on 6 Apr and for rne03 on 14 Apr, and the v06 entry even says part of sensor installation.  But there are no soil sensors at either of these 2 sites.  Also, the samples for v01 and tnw05 don't have dry weights recorded – hopefully someone has these!  Finally, I don't find an installation entry for tse01, which came online on 11 Apr.  Perhaps saving/processing a core was forgotten in the effort to get the sonic working there.  

After today, we should have a density sample for every soil site.  However, there still are a lot that we don't have even one moisture comparison since the station was not operational at the time of the soil sensor install.   I note that the few sites where we now have 2 samples are mostly in the same soil moisture conditions.  We really need a set of cores in moist conditions.   Perhaps the rain expected later this week will provide that (but not cause more instrument problems!)


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  1. Steve Oncley AUTHOR

    My mistake.  v06 does have sensors, they just weren't being included in statsproc.