tse07 10m still reporting nans

I suppose we will visit the site and see if there's an obvious obstruction, otherwise we will look for a spare and arrange to replace it.


tse04 60m TRH still down

I will prepare to replace it with one of the spares and let us Jose Carlos know we need some climbing help.

Power problems

Solar charging at tse05

Isabel and I went searching for tse05 and finally found it. Steve recommends bringing up some longer power cables and re-orienting the single solar panel, but this site is not considered a high priority.  We could also bring up a second solar panel, but we'll save that as the last resort.  It has also been overcast the last few days, so with a string of sunny days and the panel more horizontal the site may get enough charging.

Other issues


v04 was out from 12-18 (WEST), came back, was out for most of 2017-05-28,00:00-06:00, and now is back again. Maybe a loose connection? Moisture?

eddy lock-up

eddy froze during the daily briefing teleconference, including getting stuck in an audio loop, and it needed to be powered down by holding the power button. So far I've just done an update.

Follow-up on 2017-05-28: I helped Chris get the video going in google hangout on eddy. We had to go to hangout settings and select the video device in the dropdown menu (there is only one option). After selecting it a couple times, the video finally started working.

I have not worked on getting the HDMI audio output working.


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