The Confluence wiki was down this morning so blog entries got put off for a while.


tse07 10m recovery (sort of)

tse07 10m sonic started working again probably from around 04:00 to 12:00 UTC, and then it went out again.

That sonic is a CSAT3, for which we have two spares. So we could go the route of replacing the whole sensor, but that includes the electronics box as well as the head.


No changes.

Power problems

No changes.

Other issues

Robert tells me that he is hooking up fine-wire temperature sensors on the ARL towers. At the moment they are installed at every level on tnw16, and (eventually if not already) will be on most levels except the highest on the other towers. The sensors are connected to channel A1, so they are being recorded at 20Hz in the existing data stream. Once I get the coefficients from Sean and a list of which heights have a sensor connected, we can configure NIDAS to process that channel into a high-rate temperature variable.

The high-rate netcdf broke when the variables changed, so that's been fixed, and those files are now copied to ftp for public download.

The is a KZ radiometer, so maybe that does have individual connections that I can check. If it doesn't, then what should I do? Do we have a spare KZ somewhere? Or could I replace the whole KZ with a NR01 (or install a NR01 as an addition to the KZ)?

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