Sonics and gas analyzers

v07 8m

RMYoung on port 1 is still bad, but now we know that it is actually at 8m.

tnw09 10m

CSAT3 IRGA winds on port 2 still about 50% flagged.

tnw07b 4m

RMYoung on port 1 keeps going in and out. It looks like the bad samples peak in the afternoons, similar to v07 8m.

tse01 10m

No sign of problems since going out for several hours on 2017-06-02.


tse11 60m

No change.

Other issues

There seems to be a problem with the winds in the high-rate dataset not being oriented correctly to geographic coordinates, so I need to investigate that.

tse05 finally stayed up overnight.

v04 is still out. I will figure out how to mount our last NR01 on the dark horse and just record it as an additional radiation sensor.

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