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You can make an exact copy of your own case or someone else's case complete with any namelist or source code changes by creating a clone. To create a clone:

  1. Go to the model directory $CESM_ROOT and create a new case called $CASENAME from the case you are cloning called $CLONENAME and save the output in <your_output_path>. For example, <your_output_path> could be /glade/scratch/<your_username>. If you are cloning from another user's case, you must specify a new output path else the output will be saved to the user's path, from which you are creating the clone.

    Note: The $CESM_ROOT must be the same $CESM_ROOT used to create the case, from which you are cloning ($CLONENAME)

    >cd $CESM_ROOT/cime/scripts 
    >./create_clone --clone <clone_path+$CLONENAME> --case <your_path+$CASENAME> --cime-output-root <your_output_path>

    A new directory $CASEROOT = <your_path+$CASENAME> is created.

  2.  From within $CASEROOT, the steps to set-up, build, and run your new cloned case are exactly the same as when you created a new case. See Run CAM-Chem on Cheyenne (Step 2 - 11) for more details.

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