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  1. Get MET images running on saudi-c3
    1. I think I need John or Tatiana's help
  2. Get MET compiled on shaheen
    1. definitely need Julie for this one
  3. Finish installing 3.8.1 
    1. WRF, WPS and WPP are all compiled
    2. Need geo out files for 3.8.1
      1. can't do that until I get back to NCAR
  4. Data transfer issues from shaheen
    1. obs, soundings, ecmwf all coming from GAMEP
    2. grib, met images going to GAMEP
      1. need to rename the grib according to Zaki's request
      2. d03_2018-12-13_00:00:00.grb  --> d03_2018-12-13_00_00_00.grb

Things we need from GAMEP/shaheen

  1. group user
  2. dedicated nodes
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