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Status alerts

NW1: Check for interference with branches while lowering. If significant, fully extend tower until tree can be trimmed (06/27/19)  Update: As of 7/8/19, a couple more branches were trimmed, and NW1 can be lowered without interference from branches.  It looks close, but the sonic does clear the branches.

Tensions shall be checked at all Rohn towers (NW2, SW2, SE5) just prior to climbing. If any guy wires are showing under 300 ft/lbs, the tower is not to be climbed until anchor safety can be assessed. Tensions are recorded on the site pages: NW2, SW2, SE5.

Contact Dan Buonome (860) 462 3374 with any questions (6/27/19)

CHEESEHEAD EOL Field Project Website

ISF Operations and DM Planning Document

ISFS Tower Site Map (TBD)

Daily qctables and plots

ISFS QC Notes Spreadsheet

Ncharts time series plotting application


CHEESEHEAD Sensor Data Status

King-Air CHEESEHEAD page


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