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Weather - overcast most of the day, warm and humid, but a strong southerly breeze helped keep the humidity and bugs in check.

John went with Gordon in the morning to change batteries at the 4 southwest sites.  Sounding launched at 1800 UTC without issue and reached 59.4 hPa before bursting.    John spent the afternoon doing testing on the SODAR amplifier modules as outlined by Eckhard.  Confirmed that modules C1 and D1 were not functional, there are no short circuits in the speaker array, and that the amplifiers were being keyed/biased only during the transmit pulse.  Module D1 was damaged during testing.  No root cause of the excessive heat on the amplifier mounting rails that was noticed lasted week was found.  John will replace the two missing amplifier plate mounting screws just for good measure, i.e. to help with heat sinking.   Removed Voyager disc CHEESEHEAD_1 and inserted CHEESEHEAD_2 into drive.  John will bring CHEESEHEAD_1 back to Boulder on Sunday.

Finally, a medium to large garter snake was found in the SODAR trailer, near the cable port in the front left of the trailer, behind the UPS that is on the floor.  When startled with a stick, it exited the trailer thru the cable port in the floor, but will likely return.  We are looking for some steel wool to plug the hole with in the trailers.  If anyone knows where some is, please contact the senior ISS technician.

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  1. John Sobtzak AUTHOR

    We found some steel wool in the IFSF trailer that Gordon used to plug the cable port in the front of the SODAR trailer where it is believed the snake was getting in.  After plugging the hole, the back door of the trailer was open to make sure we did not trap the snake in the trailer.  Sure enough, the garter snake was under the AC unit.  We chased it out the back with a stick.  Hopefully it will not be able to get back in, but may be hiding out under the trailer, using the AC exhaust for heat and the trailer to hide from predators, i.e. hawks, especially since the field was mowed yesterday.  John purchased more steel wool at the hardware store to replace what was used.

    Gordon plugging cable port in SODAR trailer.Plugged cable port with steel wool.