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Yesterday morning it rained pretty hard.  4 sites with tipping buckets (se4, nw2, se5 and sw2) showed tips between 09:00 and 10:30 CDT.   (The data from nw2 was brought by sneaker-net.)

Logged into nw3 and dumped the rain data. Did not show any tips at nw3 during that time.

According to Sensor List those 5 sites (2 x PAM, 2 x 40', 1 x 100') are the only ones with tipping buckets.


  1. FYI, tipping buckets were only requested at sites with reasonable exposure at the surface.  By definition, the trailer towers are being used at sites with pretty closed canopies, so I only placed precip gauges at the PAM and Rohn tower sites.

  2. John cleared debris that was blocking the tipping bucket hose at nw3. Did a test finger tip at 20:51, Jul 19.