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LFM-MIX 1.0.5

Released December 8, 2009


  • LFM-MIX-1_0_5-pre_valid.tar.gz (Login required; email schmitt <at> ucar <dot> edu for an account)
    md5 checksum: 4dbd257d7ac95c4456a25cb79bc0d9db
  • To upgrade from a previous release:
    • Note: You should be able to re-use any prerequisites built for a previous LFM-MIX release.
    • un-tar the code into LFM-MIX-1_0_5-pre_valid
    • copy your Make.$MACHINE file into LFM-MIX-1_0_5-pre_valid/env/
    • To ensure the install works properly on your system, we recommend that you run the standard tests, starting with the unit tests, and proceed to test the LFM and LFM-MIX.

Change log

  • Repository revision: 1190
  • Changes
    • Updating "BaseRun" files in the "runs/" subdirectories using LFM-MIX 1.0.5 code (these hadn't been updated since 1.0.3). (r1189)
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixing LFM compilation issues on certain systems (r1188). This fixes problems introduced by r1126 and r1149
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