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LTR 2.1.1

January 14, 2011


  • LTR-2_1_1.tar.gz (Login required; email schmitt <at> ucar <dot> edu for an account)
    md5 checksum: e436dc85ff6ffd09abca890e70bd9ada
  • Accessible via SVN (login required)
  • Upgrade instructions:
    • Note: You should be able to re-use any prerequisites built for a previous LFM-MIX release.
    • Extract the code to LTR-2_1_1
    • copy your Make.$MACHINE file into LTR-2_1_1/env/
    • Make sure you're using the latest version of [InterComm] 1.6
      • InterComm 1.6 from 1+ year ago is different from InterComm 1.6 today!
    • Follow the compile instructions on the Download page.

Change log

  • Repository revision: 1531
  • Changelog:
    • 2.1.0 bug (most are CMIT-related)
    • New "TIEGCM_LDFLAGS" in {{env/Make.$
      Unknown macro: {MACHINE}
      }} should specify TIEGCM-specific linker flags. See env/Make.hao for an example.
    • [MakeItSo] is a bit more verbose
      • README file is generated for each run
      • [RUN-NAME] reports what it is doing under the hood.
    • For a complete list of changes, see the LTR-2.1.1 roadmap.
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