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LTR 2.1.2

February 17, 2011


Change log

  • Repository revision: 1578
  • Changelog:
    • Bug fixes
    • GEOPACK support for pyLTR (note: pyLTR is still not included with the LTR-1_2 tarball)
    • Support for time averaging LFM magnetospheric variables.
    • TIEGCM I/O cadence is configurable in CMIT (new MakeItSo parameter invoked only for CMIT).
      • Primary histories are only written at segment start/stop times.
    • New defaults for TIEGCM secondary history files
    • For a complete list of changes, see the LTR-2.1.2 roadmap.
    • Introduces a bug with TIEGCM parameters F107, F107A, CTPOTEN and POWER. See #214 for details.
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