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LTR 2.1.5

June 13, 2012


Change log

  • Repository revision: 2005
  • Changelog:
  • Should be the last release of LTR with InterComm 1.6 & PVM. A future release will use InterComm 2.0 and PNMPI.
  • MakeItSo generates job scripts for spinup intervals adhering to SIMULATION_HOURS_PER_SEGMENT. This is very useful for quad res runs!
  • MakeItSo will generate TIEGCM spin-up scrips that properly account for crossing a year boundary.  Note that simulations that cross the year boundary need to be split into two MakeItSo runs, as documented here.
  • Bug fixes
  • TIEGCM upgraded to version 1.94.2
  • There are lots more changes. For a complete list, see the LTR-2.1.5 roadmap.
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