ISS setup day 2

ISS setup continued with unpacking and sorting of equipment, The profiler was cabled up and started.  Tests showed some minor repairs were required, mainly connections that had rattled loose in the drive and also a solder joint that had broken in the 5kW amp.   Repairs were made and the profiler was left running this evening.  The orientation of the antenna has been set such that a null in the radiation was directed to the WLEF tall tower (approx one mile to the east) to minimize clutter.  The orientation of the 0-1 antenna pair was measured to be 62 deg and the wind processing package was started. So far the winds look very consistent with forecast models (easterly in BL, westerly aloft).  The 10 meter tower was assembled, although not yet instrumented, and cabling begun on the sounding system.  The weather was fine, clear skies in morning and thin cirrus and light northeast breeze. 

Liz, Kyle and John diagnosing a fault in the 5 kW amp.


ISS setup has begun.  The ISS trailer arrived this morning.  Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate this morning with persistent rain, but fortunately we could start work under a canopy and then the rain cleared in afternoon.  Trailer partly unpacked, and 449 profiler frame assembled and antennas and electronics mounted.

The set up crew is Bill, Lou, John, Kyle and Liz. The photo shows John, Kyle and Liz cabling up the profiler antenna array.