The Web-based Software Working Group held its initial kickoff and planning meeting on May 22, 2008, and began to define the group's mission, scope, timeline and desired outcomes.  We will be evaluating whether existing web-based software solutions are viable for UCAR-wide use.

Added:  Notes from Zhenya's conversation with UC Berkeley multimedia manager re: UC Berkeley Webcasting & OpenCast Project

Topic:  Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with JavaFX
Presenter:  Matthew McCullough, Java applications arch.
Date:  Wednesday, February 20th at 12 noon
Location:  FL2-1022

Matthew McCullough is a Java applications architect and co-founder of a local engineering firm.  In this "basic concepts" presentation, Matthew will show some of the databinding, cross-language coding, and unique keyframe animationsthat are so easily accomplished using this new language. He'll also provide a comparison of JavaFX to Adobe FLEX, Adobe AIR, Ajax, and Microsoft Silverlight and review each of these platforms' features in comparison to JavaFX.

Matthew serves as a member of the CSIA Planning Committee, member of, member of the board of directors for the Denver Open Source Users Group, and frequently speaks at the Denver Java Users' Group and other trainings. Matthew contributed to the Sun Java 5 SCJP Certification Exam, and has contributed to several open source projects.

Please contact a member of the Web Advisory Group for more information. 

Our next meeting will be 2:30 pm Thursday March 6, 2008 in CG1 2503.

Here is next meeting's agenda (so far):

  • Approval of February Notes
  • WEG report
  • Reports from Working Groups
    • CMS Working Group
  • Report on the ITC Strategic Plan
  • Near Final Discussion on WAG charter
  • Brown Bag and the Topic List
  • April agenda

See the Meeting Page

Thursday, 7 Feb - WAG Meeting

  Our next meeting will be 2:30 pm Thursday February 7, 2008 in FL2 room 1002.

The agenda:

  • Approval of January Notes
  • WEG report
  • Video Streaming Solutions Working Group
  • Continued report on the ITC Strategic Plan
  • Continued Discussion on WAG charter
    • including priorities and the WAG Implementation Plan
  • Brown Bag and the Topic List
  • March agenda

(Note:  pls contact Mark Bradford or Ken Kim if you have items for the Agenda)

Topic:  Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Using jQuery
Presenter:  Mike Hostetler, Web Developer
Date:  Wednesday, February 6th at 12 noon
Location:  FL2-1001

Mike owns a local Web Development company and is the Website Team Lead for jQuery.  He is also a regular code contributor for jQuery and other OSS projects.  Mike will demonstrate how he has used jQuery on an Xcel/NREL sponsored project and answer questions you may have about RIA, Ajax, JSON, PHP, and more!

"jQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript Library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages."  Its lightweight footprint has made it a favorite in the JavaScript library space and helped fuel the recent trend toward RIA on the Web.

For more information, contact the Web Advisory Group.