Performance Metrics from Proposal:

SOW provided to GSD during proposal phase

Year 1


Year 2

—Months 1-9:
—Enhance MET system to include ensemble methodologies tested in year 1 and confirm applicability to rain and snowbands
—Months 9-12:
—Attend HMT-WPC.
—Demonstrate extended capability to WPC staff.
—Integrate additions to MODE and MODE-TD into MET repository.
—Month 12:
—Identify final enhancements needed to verification system per user feedback.

Year 3

—Months 1-9:
—Make final modifications to verification system.
—Document capabilities, including interpretation of output.
—Months 9-12:
—Attend HMT-WPC.
—Demonstrate operational capability to WPC staff.
—Transition verification system to WPC and provide user support.



Original Proposal