tables—Numbered tables must be called out in text. The style of a table and table title will depend on the publication in which it appears.

Taiwan (use this name). See also "China." [2/00]

Technical Note—Capitalize the NCAR series.

telephone numbers—303-497-8605, ext. 8605. Use hyphens, not en dashes, in phone numbers.

temperature—use an en dash for temps below zero: –20°C; –20° Celsius.[4/00]

TEX—typesetting system, pronounced "tek." It's better to use a subscript E, since there's another processor called TEX.

"that" or "which"—Only "which" is acceptable in nonrestrictive clauses. Either is acceptable in restrictive clauses. Where "which" is necessary for one part of the restrictive clause, it should be used in the other as well. "That same cause which gave his life meaning and for which he died soon created chaos among his supporters."

TIFF—Tagged Image File Format. Used as a 3-letter image file extension: .tif (2016)

time—Use AP style: 3 p.m. MDT. For national stories; add an East or West Coast equivalent when relevant: 12:30 p.m. MST 2:30 p.m. EST). Always use noon and midnight rather than 12 a.m. or p.m. [updated to AP style 09/2015]

When reporting times for athletic events that include seconds, follow conventional sports usage: "Rick Katz won the foot race with a time of 15:36."

Always give a U.S. time zone equivalent for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or universal time (UT). Zulu (Z) is commonly used in place of UT/GMT in the weather world (00Z, 12Z, etc.): This output shows relative humidity as projected in the Eta model issued at 00Z 1/24/00, or about 7 p.m. EST Sunday, January 23. [revised 2/00]

Tiros—initial cap only (although it's an acronym for Television Infrared Observation Satellite)

titles, of people—Do not use academic or honorary titles (Dr., Ms.) except for royalty, the pope, etc. For all other titles, follow AP Style, i.e., use lower case, except when title is used as part of and at the start of a name (President Richard Anthes). We do not except the president of the United States from this rule. Preserve caps in named endowed chairs, e.g., Sally Jones, who holds the Tom Smith Professorship in Economics. [updated 2016]

titles, of journals, books, etc—See journal titles

trademarks—See separate page within the Style Guide: Guidance for Use of UCAR Trademarks

trade names—Capitalize; determine from the dictionary.

trade wind (n.), trade-wind (adj.)

Tree Plaza—initial caps. [08/01]

tropics—not capitalized

trustee-at-large (hyphenated, not capped)