TSE 02 was instrumented yesterday, some issues with the network but we may move an antenna soon.

The mote was not reporting but found the problem rather quickly. Measured for voltage - 0 volts. Turns out that the cable was chewed in two (gray PVC  cable, not the standard green serial cable)

replaced power supplies at V 06 and V 07 with 14 volt supplies

installed anti twist plate on 2m sonic at V 07 and got the DSM's on line again, but port 3 is not working (Licor). Possibly the fuse. Will look at later.

V06 has intermittent NAN's for the 20 m sonic.

installed USB stick at V 06 (was borrowed for another station back in Feb.)

Today (4/7) instrumented RSW 08, all data coming in, but voltage is low at DSM (10.9 volts), should be fine. Explored and found 2 towers which were erected, but not according to the spreadsheet. Will instrument those soon.