Today I reviewed cockpit and learned that sensors which have not reported for a while get dropped from qctables, so now we have an expanded list of problem sensors. Isabel went through all of them and diagnosed whether they were reporting or not, and cycled power on each of them, which fixed just one: the LICOR on v04.

Sonics and gas analyzers

tse07 10m recovery short-lived

After coming back for several hours yesterday, this sonic has been logging only bad samples. It looks like the best option is to replace it.

rsw02x 20m

RMYoung on port 3 is not reporting. Also dropped from QC table. It's last sample was May 24 22:50 UTC.

rsw07 20m LICOR

Per Steve's comment below, this and the rsw01 missing data are because these are the ARL LICORs which have not been installed yet.

rsw01 20m LICOR

LiCOR on port 5, power cycled, still no data. There have been no samples from it for all of May, and none when it started recording in March. As it turned out, this is one of the LiCORs yet to be installed.

v04 10m LiCOR

It was down for a while. Isabel cycled power on it, working now.


tse04 60m

The 60m.tse04 TRH was dropped from QC table, so at first I thought it had recovered. It is still not responding, so it needs to be replaced.

tse11 2m

Cycled power, still no data, replace.

tse11 60m

Cycled power, still no data, will have to ask INEGI to replace it.

Power problems

No changes. tse05 still going down in the early morning, just need to visit and adjust the solar panel.


tse02 Vheat and lambdasoil

Vheat missing from 5/29 11:45 to 14:47. It looks like it exceeded the max limit of 1.3 for it's 3-hourly sample updated at 11:45. Is anything about 1.3 really invalid? Or does the max in the configuration need to be increased for Vheat?

tnw08 Vdsm

Voltage mote is dead, not responding even after a power cycle. We can replace it.

Other issues

I modified the perdigao.cdl so it contains all the variables expected in the 5-minute statistics output, in the hopes qctables would show missing values for sensors which are no longer reporting.  However, that doesn't quite work yet, and I just realized it will interfere with the high-rate CDL, so more work is needed on that idea...

I configured the eddy audio output for HDMI for the teleconference today, details in another blog.