/opt/bin/globus login --no-local-server
# go online, to authenticate

 # get CS endpoint
export EPCS=$(globus endpoint search 'NCAR' --filter-owner-id 'ncar@globusid.org' | grep Campaign | cut -f1 -d' ')
# create local endpoint
prestop@deere:~$ globus endpoint create --personal deere
Message:     Endpoint created successfully
Endpoint ID: 558ccfb4-49b5-11e9-9e69-0266b1fe9f9e
Setup Key:   80e7e2ef-1136-4ad0-9854-6ed6a7f79077
# store the local Endpoint ID
prestop@deere:~$ export EPD=$(globus endpoint search 'deere' | grep deere | cut -f1 -d' ')
# need to copy/paste this by hand?  Is there a way to get the setup key later?
export DEERE_SETUP_KEY=80e7e2ef-1136-4ad0-9854-6ed6a7f79077
prestop@deere:~$ /opt/globusconnectpersonal-2.3.6/globusconnectpersonal  -setup $DEERE_SETUP_KEY
Configuration directory: /home/prestop/.globusonline/lta
Contacting relay.globusonline.org:2223
# need to start the GCP server
prestop@deere:~$ /opt/globusconnectpersonal-2.3.6/globusconnectpersonal -start &
[1] 19955
# can now ls deere via globus:
prestop@deere:~$ globus ls $EPD
prestop@deere:~$ globus bookmark show "ICICLE_HOME"
# put globus bookmark into shell var:
prestop@deere:~$ export ICICLE_HOME=$(globus bookmark show "ICICLE_HOME")
prestop@deere:~$ echo $ICICLE_HOME

# This was done on khaba
prestop@deere:~$ globus transfer -r --dry-run --label khaba-image-transfer  --preserve-mtime $KEPID:/d1/micro-ice/data/images ${ICICLE_HOME}data/khaba_data/images
prestop@deere:~$ globus transfer -r --label khaba-image-transfer  --preserve-mtime $KEPID:/d1/micro-ice/data/images ${ICICLE_HOME}data/khaba_data/images