Still in idling mode after being pulled from set-up last month for COVID.

Sites deployed:

s1 - Barometer not reporting (configuration?).  Station only comes up when batteries fully charged.   (Had worked ok initially after setup.). Sometimes, files are not opened.  Most of the time the time stamp is bad.

P.S. Site was visited by Leila and Charles on 18 Apr.  They replaced batteries and Victron, which brought power up to DSM and sensors, but DSM still hasn't come up.  This suggests either a fault or wrong setting (mode 4 instead of mode 3?) of the old Victron.  Dan things the next step is a DSM change, but the DSM was swaged closed so the PIs couldn't get into the box.  A DSM issue is odd, though, since it was working last week.

s3 - TRH died in rain on 6 Apr.  Otherwise ok

s4 - ok

s8 - EC150 never installed.  GPS not receiving most messages as of 14 Mar(!).  (At that time, about 13 Mar 23:30 nsat drops from 10 to 7, then further drops to 0 about 14 Mar 02:30.)  Otherwise ok

s10 - ok

s14 - Mote data never worked properly, last data on 3 Apr.  Cable from DSM to mote found to have water during site visit by PIs on 11 Apr, but didn't have spare.  Barometer highly intermittent (but Pirga ok).  Otherwise, ok.

s15  - ok

s17 - Site pretty much never worked.  Just a few hours of data early on.  Last data 26 Mar.  From log snapshot taken when station was last up, seemed to be a DSM USB issue.