Examples: Sizes & Colors

These are just examples. More sizes are available for download from the Attachments section, below.

These examples have been resized for display on this page


                                            Small: no spellout (color or white-on-black)

                Medium: standard spellout, transparent (white on black)

                                                                          More sizes below


                                                       Small: no spellout (color or white-on-black)

                Medium: standard spellout, transparent (white on black)

                                                                          More sizes below


For advice regarding the guidelines and permissions: Zhenya Gallon, NCAR|UCAR Communications, 303-497-8607



Logo & Visual Brand Guidelines

Before using any of the logos provided here, please read and become familiar with the Logo & Visual Brand Guidleines for NCAR/UCP/UCAR.

These logos are for use by NCAR, UCAR, and UCP units, by NSF, and by organizations with which we have an official partner relationship. We make them available to these specific users only, without requiring a login. All other proposed uses should be cleared with UCAR Communications (see Contacts, below) and all uses must comply with UCAR's Terms of Use.

The NCAR, UCAR, and UCP logos below represent our collective identity. If you would like to modify any of these files (other than adding the URL, as specified below, or resizing), please contact us so we can discuss solutions and review and keep track of any proposed modifications.

The font families used within each logo are a distinct and integral part of that logo and should not be altered. The fonts for the letters "NCAR" and "UCAR" should not be used for any text in any context outside of the logo and associated website banners.

All NCAR labs, divisions, and other groups use the NCAR logo as their primary visual identifier. The use of a common logo, type style, and layout relates all of NCAR's diverse groups to one unified identity.

Adding a URL

  • place URL below the logo
  • use Verdana or any simple sans serif font
  • do not include "http://" or a final "/"
    Examples:  www.ucar.edu      ncar.ucar.edu      ucp.ucar.edu


Presentation Slide Templates

Slide templates for NCAR, UCP, and UCAR labs/programs/groups and guidance for using logos within them is available for download by staff (only) from

Slides, Blurbs for Speaking/Writing: Communications Resources for Staff

NCAR & UCAR Website Banners

All websites use the "Atmos Theme." To obtain a new banner or update an existing one, send a request to commweb@ucar.edu. For more information, see the Logo & Visual Brand Guidelines for NCAR/UCP/UCAR.

NCAR|UCAR examples

The NCAR|UCAR website banner may be used by any unit in the organization. See for example:

http://ncar.ucar.edu | http://www.ucar.edu | http://staff.ucar.edu

UCP examples

For use by the UCAR Community Programs. See for example:

http://www.comet.ucar.edu | http://www.joss.ucar.edu

Website color palette

The website color palette for the shared NCAR and UCAR Atmos Theme

Download: AtmosThemeColorPalette.jpg




NSF Logos

National Science Foundation logos and usage guidelines are available on the NSF website.


Size Use Guidance

Logo only, for use when space is limited.
(color or white-on-black JPGs)

Enlarged for legibility at a range of medium sizes.
(color JPGs only)

Logo and spellout in proportions suitable for larger formats.
(color or white-on-black)
JPGs (best for electronic uses) 
TIFFs (for print uses)


The Community Programs logo has no modifications at this size.
(color or white-on-black JPGs)

Full color EPS
If you want to modify the EPS file (other than resizing or adding the URL), please let us know first, so we can perhaps solve your problem another way and/or keep track of all modifications: commweb@ucar.edu

Color Numbers

CMYK, RGB, HEX, and PMS numbers used in the NCAR, UCAR, and UCP logos:

Download: AllLogosColorNumbers.pdf                                                                



UCP Directorate and Program Logos