Jacquie and John departed, Bill is now here.  Thanks, so much, J&J!

Weather was clear, reasonably warm, but expecting snow tomorrow.  Ahead of the storm was a gust front at about 11:30 where speeds at DCS had a step change from 2 to 9 m/s.

No data issues starting out – the replacement CSAT at LC worked all night.  Nevertheless, I did the "ultimate" EOL/CFACT, by visiting EVERY EOL location today.  Since snow is predicted, probably through the end of the project, Sebastian requested that I pull at least the thermocouples at the satellite sites...

  • Started at the ISFS base, where I bonked my head
  • DCS: attached a license plate to the trailer
  • Back to base to participate in the CFACT zoom – no IOPs for at least the next 2 days
  • SH: remove thermocouple
  • ISS trailer: meet Bill and pick up ladder
  • Lunch
  • DC: remove thermocouple
  • CC: remove thermocouple (snow gets deeper – about 1' – out in the field
  • LC: remove thermocouple (used stepstool beyond specifications)
  • UP: remove thermocouple (field is driveable)
  • PC: remove thermocouple
  • MH: remove thermocouple
  • PRS: attach license
  • MW: remove thermocouple (used tall ladder)
  • SP: remove thermocouple (one T-stake is missing its T)
  • Balloon trailer: saw Bill just after the sonde launch
  • Back to base to tidy up.

Terry arrived in time for dessert!

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