Again fog and frost, but I digress....Clayton and I still are the primary ISFS crew.

Moved the reservation for the forklift from today to Wed.

Told Strawberry that we would return the 16' Penske tomorrow (after consolidating into the ISS Penske).

Applied ice melt around a few DCS structures blocking the trailer.

Drove up MH and removed (after a LOT of digging/pulling/prying) everything but 2 stakes holding the tower base plate.  Will have to return to this site (hopefully not driving).  Thanks Matt and Bill for helping!

Got lunch at the dairy.

With Dexter, pulled the DCS TT, still have one plywood pad frozen to the ground, but dug it out mostly.

Meantime, Liz, Bill, and Matt did the Penske consolidation.

And at the same time, Chris and Tony arrived after their Penske drive!

Remaining tasks:

  • DCS: pull out power cable, remove job boxes, darkhorses, transformers, plywood, remove fencing at 3 sites.  UU left a screw anchor at the site nearest the gate.  UU also left some anchors at the balloon site.
  • PRS: same as DCS, but also have to remove PRSG, drop the darkhorse, tower, and OTT stand.
  • MH: remove base plate
  • UP, MW, DC, CC, LC still need to be removed.  We had spent some time prepping CC cables and stakes.

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