ISS teardown is done.  Bill, Lou, and Liz left today.  For a couple of days, the ISFS crew is me, Clayton, Chris, Tony, Matt, Dexter.

Started by organizing into the 2 Penskes that will leave here and emptying out storage.  Returned 16' Penske since no longer needed.

Next, tore down LC.  Found that one manfrotto tripod foot was in the soil plot, perhaps 8cm from the Qsoil.  Not ideal, but might be okay with the data.  The qsoil probe came out with a crack in the lower prong, that we thought might have occurred on install.  Should check the Qsoil data.  Other sensors came out okay, albeit with a LOT of work.  Now, Sebastian's sonic is boxed up.

Next emptied stuff, oriented Chris and Tony to the base organization, and the other 4 went to lunch.

Next, tore down DC.  Soils were even harder, since the popsicle sticks themselves were buried.  Hot water trick helped, but still took perhaps 3 man-hours.  All probes recovered.  The ISS CS125 was loaded into the lidar trailer.

Next, tore down MW (in just 1 hr!).  Soils were easier, since top 2 cm were thawed.  However, managed to chop through the Gsoil sensor cable twice (itself, already repaired earlier).  Other 3 sensors were okay.

A long day, but good progress and a great team.

Tomorrow is forklift day.  Plan to hit PRS, then DCS for fenceposts, power, and other cleanup, then remove CC.  I hope this works!  I guess the worst case is we rent it for a second day.