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Steve gave a soil sampling tutorial to Chris and Jacquie at Marshall in the afternoon ~3-4pm. We also wanted to test the gravimetric data form that is on the ISFS shared drive. Gary met us out there for DSM troubleshooting (see previous post). 

It was so windy we could not get accurate weight readings so we did the tare and wet weights in Steve’s van. Chris took photos - maybe he’ll add them to this post.

We quickly realized there are a few things in the form that are missing or needed adapting. I plan to modify the form for the next soil sample. 

FYI - to fill in the Gravimetric form you have to ‘send’ yourself the form or choose the 'Get pre-filled link' option otherwise you are in edit mode. It would be good to know if there is a way to fill this form offline.  

Measurements made 20 August 2021 after 3:23pm 

Qsoil ~ 0.058 %Vol

Tin number 1 = 21.0 g (with lid on)

Wet weight = 88.7 g

PS: Reminder to fill up the tupperware of grease.

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  1. 23 August 2021

    Chris/Steve measured Dry weight = 81.00 g (after the dirt and container were close to room temperature)

    The tare after dirt dumping and container wiping was 21.14 g.