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LFM-MIX 1.0.3

Released April 23, 2009


  • To upgrade from a previous release:
    • Note: You should be able to re-use any prerequisites built for a previous LFM-MIX release.
    • un-tar the code into LFM-MIX-1_0_3-pre_valid
    • copy your Make.$MACHINE file into LFM-MIX-1_0_3-pre_valid/env/
    • To ensure the install works properly on your system, we recommend that you run the standard tests, starting with the unit tests, and proceed to test the LFM and LFM-MIX.

Change log

  • Repository revision: 861
  • New Features:
    • New compiler flag (-DNO_HARD_WALL) allowing for transparent inner boundary, although we do not support this feature and do not recommend turning it on (Revision 735).
  • Changes
    • Merged CMIT branch changes into trunk (Revision 716). Note: LFM-MIX 1.0.3 does not include all the code necessary to run CMIT. Stay tuned for an upcoming release of CMIT.
      • Refactored MIX main loop
      • Added InterComm and File Exchange interfaces for CMIT
      • New unit tests & regression runs
      • ... and lots more! See revision 716 commit log for more information.
    • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a case where InterComm LFM-MIX could deadlock in certain situations (Revisions 781, 772).
    • Adding closing "dobule quote" to IDL routines for processing solar wind input (Revision 780).
    • Updated standard ionosphere.param files included in the repository (Revision 755).
    • Vx is no longer overwritten by MIX (revision 735)
    • Major bug fix: calculation of the potential electric field around the axis (Revision 692 in CMIT branch, reintegrated to LFM-MIX trunk in Revision 716).
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