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Today, the crew appears to have installed s14.  From the data:

Ott: working, but for some reason data aren't being parsed by barolo.  The first character seems to be 0x00, sometimes followed by 0xff, before the good message.  Other Otts don't have this.

TRH: okay

P: okay

CSAT/EC150: okay

Gill 2D: okay

Rad: okay

Soils: okay

Victron: not reporting


  1. Steven Oncley AUTHOR

    Suspecting that the 0x00 is embedded in the serial number somehow, I've just tried unsuccessfully to do the trick we used on S/N 410948, to define a station name equal to the serial number:


    Then change the message format to output the station name instead of the serial number:


    However, I can't get this Ott to even respond to the query command: CS/L, even after pasting it zillions of times.

  2. Added /dev/ttyPWRMONV, victron is now working fine.