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I guess we can't leave this blog up in perpetuity without some explanation of what has happened in the last week!

Due to the world-wide Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, all staff were recalled from the field.   On 3/12, s13, which had been partially assembled but never transmitting data, was removed and the field crew started securing the base and Pod.  On 3/13, Dan left and Kurt and Clayton serviced TRHs at s8 and s10.  On 3/14, Kurt and Clayton left the site as well.

This left s1, s3, s4, s8, s10, s14, s15, and s17 installed.  The EC150 was never installed at s8.   The barometer at s1 seems to be flaky.  s17 connects very intermittently, presumably due to a USB issue in the DSM that is rebooting it frequently –  the last data came through 13 Mar.

We will continue to let these run, perhaps with a bit of servicing by UCSB, until we are next cleared for travel.  At that point, we will send out a tear-down crew to pull everything and wait for SWEX2021...

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