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So... we want to offer a dataset to the PIs in geo coordinates.  Speaking with Kurt, he is confident that the tripods of each site were oriented with a compass to make the csat point out from the mast at an angle of 315 deg (NW), to within about 2 degrees.  I have thus entered Vazimuth = 315- 180 - 90 = 45 into the cal files for s1, s3, s4, s8, s10, s14, s15, and s17.

Dan told me that the orientation of the Gill 2D could be any multiple of 90 degrees from the csat orientation.  By creating a scatterplot of each site's csat vs Gill, I verified this and entered the appropriate multiple + 45 also into the cal files.  Running statsproc with noqc_geo produces dir=Dir now, so I think we're close enough for an unsupported project.

IF the teardown crew has nothing better to do, it would be nice to actually measure these angles...

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