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This page lists some common problems that users can have in trying to run CAM-chem.

(1) Error in building the case

ERROR: No default value found for case_name.

Check if you included “--mach cheyenne” option when you created the new case

(2) Error in running CESM with dry deposition

(seq_drydep_read) Read in drydep_inparm namelist from: drv_flds_in
 ERROR: (seq_drydep_read) ERROR: encountered end-of-file on namelist read

This error occurs when you add a gas species and make it to be dry deposited by adding the species name into ‘drydep_list’ in ‘&drydep_inparm’, but you don’t modify seq_drydep_mod.F90. See instructions on

(3) Error running the model past 2016

To run past 2016 you will need to make sure the correct sea ice specification is called. Add to env_run.xml:

<entry id="SSTICE_DATA_FILENAME" value="/gpfs/fs1/work/tilmes/inputdata/sst/">

and of course ensure all your emissions and meteorology files cover the dates you require.

(4) Build freezes

The build will not run past the command:

...calling cam buildcpp to set build time option

Try the command


and if the same freeze occurs then the problem is most likely within the namelist definition file (user_nl_cam). Make sure all the commas and quote marks are there. Sometimes, if the user_nl_cam file has been opened in Notepad or another text editor, auto-formatting can change the formatting of some symbols, such as quote marks (e.g. Word automatically changes straight quote marks to curly quote marks).

(5) Branch will not submit the case

Cloning and creating a branch is complete but the following error occurs:

ERROR: Could not find all inputdata on any server

a) Check your restart files have been copied to the output run folder, and that they are the same date as the RUN_REFDATE

b) Make sure initialization files are not defined in the user_nl_cam or user_nl_clm files (i.e. remove those lines if they are there).

(6) MPT error

With a recent update to the MPT system on cheyenne during March 2019, the env_mach_specific.xml file needs to be updated. Otherwise you will be able to submit, but will find the simulation crashes with this error in the cesm.log.XXX file:

MPT ERROR: invalid option -p
        (HPE MPT 2.19  12/07/18 05:32:16

To correct the error copy the file:


to your case directory, then reset and recompile.

>./case.setup --reset
>./ --clean

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