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Page: 2-21-07
Edit 2/21/07 here.
Page: 5-16-07
CCSM on Blue Gene Several memory allocation bugs were located which enable the execution of a high resolution dead configuration on Blue Gene. The memory usage for 1/2 degree ATM and LND models and 1/5 degree OCN and ICE model is provided (G0.5 x hx0.2).


Page: About the CCSM
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Page: Adding History fields
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Page: Adding New Namelist Items to CLM
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Page: Adding Variables to the Restart File
Introduction – why do variables need to be added to the restart file? Any new variables that are added to CLM need to be evaluated if they need to go on the restart file. The idea with the restart file is to exactly preserve the model state between run su
Page: Allow non-rectangular lat-lon grids
Allow non-rectangular lat/lon grids. dyn_grid.F90 API: subroutine get_block_bounds_d(block_first,block_last) : A block is assumed to be the basic organizing unit of columns in the dynamics (as viewed by the physics), with a unique global index within the
Page: AM
{bookmark:url=}Atmosphere Model Working Group{bookmark}
Page: AMOC Project
Observations DataAnalysisMerged SST (HadiSST 1870-1981; NCEP OI2 1981-2008)EOFs Fully-Coupled 1990, 20th Cent, 1850, Prediction ExperimentDescriptionInitializationDiagnosticsAtmosphereIceLandO
Page: AMOC Project (old CCSM4)
Observations Data Analysis Merged SST (HadiSST 1870-1981; NCEP OI2 1981-2008) EOFs Fully-Coupled 1990, 20th Cent, 1850, Prediction Experiment Description Initialization Diagnostics Atmosphere
Page: AMWG
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Page: APE CAM-HOMME Benchmark Results
APE CAM/HOMME Benchmark Results Benchmark results with CAM 3.5 physics Resolution: Physics dtime = 30min. Subcycled dynam
Page: APE KE Spectra
CAM/HOMME 3.1 Aqua Planet Results Plotted below is the KE spectra averaged over 12 months of aqua planet data. The plot from the CAM/HOMME simulation is sampled 3 times per day. I've attempted to reproduce the figures created by David Williamson for the E
Page: APE Precip PDFs
<B> Probability Distribution Functions of Precipitation </B> Legend for precip PDF plots HOMME (left column) ORANGE: HOMME 1.9 degree NE=16 RED: HOMME 1.0 degree NE=30 BLUE: HOMME 0.5 degree NE=60 EUL and FV (right column). Images from Williamson, "Equiva
Page: APE Precip WK
Wheeler-Kiladis Wavenumber-Frequency Plots All plots courtesy of Dave Williamson. These plots show the symmetric component of the unnormalized power spectra of the precipitation averaged from 10 degrees S to 10 degrees N. The black curves show the gravity
Page: APE Tracer and Tracer Tendency Results
APE Tracer and Tracer Tendency Results Time averaged zonal average Q q eul.png q homme.png Time averaged zonal average CLDLIQ (Q2) cldliq eul.png cldliq homme.png Time averaged zonal average CLDICE (Q3) cldice eul.png cldice homme.png


Page: b35.014 ANN Precipitation
Back <H2> BLUEICE </H2> <img SRC=""></img> <H2> FRANKLIN </H2> <img SRC="
Page: b35.014 ANN SST
Back <H2> BLUEICE </H2> <img SRC=""></img> <H2> FRANKLIN </H2> <img SRC="
Page: b35.014 ANN Surface Stress
Back <H2> BLUEICE </H2> <img SRC=""></img> <H2> FRANKLIN </H2> <img SRC="
Page: b35.014 run comparison
Back 1984-1988 Averages b35.014 ANN Precipitation b35.014 ANN Surface Stress b35.014 ANN SST
Page: b35.014e ANN Precipitation
Page: b35.014e ANN Surface Temperature
Page: b35.014e DJF Precipitation
Page: b35.014e DJF Snowfall
Page: b35.014e DJF Surface Temperature
Page: b35.014e JJA Precipitation
Page: b35.014e JJA Surface Temperature
Page: b35.014e US climate
Back 2010-2014 compared with 1984-1988 Averages fv 0.5 degree compared with 2 degree Precipitation ANN DJF
Page: Background Information
Background information for single-executable, concurrent CCSM Discover what has been done on this project to date Contacted Brian Kauffman for background info 11/30/2005 Contacted Rob Jacob (BlueGene experience) 12/1/2005 (pop1.4.3 compiles on bluejean; p
Page: BGC
{bookmark:url=}Biogeochemistry Working Group{bookmark}
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Page: CAM FVcubed Open Software Engineering Issues
Open Issues, some resolved Code cleanup; removal of extraneous code, addressing all 'TODO' points. => Mostly complete. Merge code into CAM5 => requires some intervention by Brian Eaton to build FVcubed in a portable way. stepon_init still needed ? (See TO
Page: CAM-CLM (GPTL-based) Timers
CAM/CLM (GPTL-based) Timers The CAM timing library interface is simple and flexible, but there are limitations (some related to the design; some simply a function of the implementation). Basic Interface [0] To use the library interface routines in a routi
Page: CAM-decomp
Information on the CAM decomposition, for ESMF folks to verify: Location of files to describe decomposition: /fis/cgd/home/erik/CAM_decomps (NOTE: This archive was moved to MSS under /ERIK/archive/CAM_decomps.c060612.tar.gz on June/12/2006) Subdirectories
Page: CAM-HOMME AMIP Simulations
CCSM4 beta 10 HOMME dycore with CAM 3.5 physics ( "-phys cam3_5 ) CAM on NE=30 cubed-sphere grid (approx 1.0 degree resolution) CLM on 1.9x2.5 grid data ocean and CICE(prescribed) on gx1v4 grid tmq_amipne30_feb_movie.gif CCSM4 beta 10 T85 EUL dycore with
Page: CAM3.5 Aerosol Datasets
Project overview Run CAM with prognostic aerosols with tropmozart for the following simulations: 1870 control 2000 control time-varying between 1870 to 2000 Use data from these simulations to feed into coupled CCSM simulations Resources: Erik Kluzek – sof
Page: CCR diagnostics
Setting up CCR diagnostics for CCSM4 Contacts:  Adrianne Middleton, Nan Rosenbloom The CCR diagnostics create an updated version of the AMWG timerseries diagnostics e.g., plots
Page: CCSM 3.5 development
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Page: CCSM BGCMIP Intercomparison Protocol
Edit CCSM BGCMIP Intercomparison Protocol here.
Page: CCSM Biogeochemistry Model Intercomparison Project (BGCMIP)
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Page: CCSM Component Logging and Unit Handling
CCSM I/O logging behavior and unit handling all component models will be required to replace any writes to unit 6 with calls to writes to a generic integer component models will be responsible for individually handling their non-masterproc info. Component
Page: CCSM Data Model v7 Project. Charter
CCSM Data Model v7 Project Project Charter <html> Name: CCSM Data Model v7 Project: datm7, dice7, dlnd7, docn7 Mission Statement: Upgrade the existing CCSM3 data models to include scientific functionality commonly used in existing embedded/non-standard da
Page: CCSM Development Versions Machine Port Procedures
Machine Port Validation for CCSM Development Code !! Validating CLM-BGC code within CCSM Validation will be done using the I component configuration [clm, datm7 (CLMHIST mode), dice, docn (SSTDATA mode) ] at T31_gx3v5. Assume that a 15 year I case control
Page: CCSM Future Tags Reminders
any ccsm tag using cam3_2_19 must have the bld tag bld_b050908 (if this is not done, then cam will not build due to timing library compiler needs) edit all env_mach files so that LIB_NETCDF and INC_NETCDF are specified. Need to remove hard wired path from
Page: CCSM high res
CCSM high res This page consolidates notes and status on the attempt to run CCSM with at least and eddy-resolving ocean (0.1 degree) and 0.25 or 0.5 degree atmosphere. Specs: Ocean/ice always on tripole grid. CCSM POP2 Task List: (updated 2/14/2008 by NN)
Page: CCSM Management Issues
Management Issues to Address Baseline simulations Determine criteria for when new baseline control simulations are done Should this project address this issue? CCSM Change Review Board Should this project address this issue? Should this be reactivated? Wh
Page: CCSM Move to Subversion Project
CCSM Move to Subversion Project Plan Move to subversion after the CCSM/ESMF Stage-1 project is done. This will be spring of 2006. The move to subversion has been bumped up in priority. Initial planning was underway as of Sept. '05. Project Charter http://
Page: CCSM New Land Initialization
!! Goals: Remove special land domain initialization coupling in CCSM system by having land and atmosphere models read land mask and fraction from external file (or potentially generate them internally). Add additional checks in coupler to verify grid cons
Page: CCSM on BlueGene
CCSM on BlueGene Project This collects notes, info and current status on getting all configurations of CCSM to run on the IBM BlueGene system. Goals Run CCSM with full models at all resolutions that don't require parallel I/O and check performance. Add pa
Page: CCSM Performance Timer Unification
CCSM Performance Timer Unification Summary: This activity would modify the way timings are collected and reported within CCSM to provide more accurate and consistent timings from each component. This is based on the timers currently in use in CAM and CLM
Page: CCSM Single Executable, Concurrent, with Data6 and POP2 Project
Start Date: 11/30/2005 Purpose: This project is intended to explore the merits of a single-executable, concurrent CCSM; to expose the challenges in creating such a version; and to provide a single-executable CCSM that can be run with the active ocean mode
Page: CCSM Software Engineering Group
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Page: CCSM Web
{bookmark:url=}Main CCSM Web Pages{bookmark}
Page: CCSM with dead models
Attempts to run CCSM with all dead models on Argonne's BlueGene. Goal is to test cpl6 scalability. Updated 2/21/07 Part of CCSM on BlueGene project Configuration is 1 processor for each dead model and varying coupler processors. So "32" means 28 coupler p
Page: CCSM-BGCMIP Protocol
Diag14 PT.doc
Page: CCSM-ESMF April 12th meeting
CCSM/ESMF joint meeting April 12th, 1:00pm Chapman room Attending: Erik, Mariana, Cecelia, Ed Hartnett, and Don Agenda: Go over Last meeting Status update on CCSM/ESMF evaluation plan Stage-1. Examine ESMF build look at Brian Eaton's list of issues... Lin
Page: CCSM-ESMF Jan 12th, meeting
CCSM/ESMF joint meeting teleconference Date: Friday January 12th, 1:30PM MST Invited: Cecelia, Sylvia,Gerhard, Samson, Peggy, Erik, and Mariana Call 1-800-516-9896 (join with code 888509 #) Action items from this meeting: Erik update requests with ticket
Page: CCSM-ESMF June 28th, meeting
Joint ESMF/CCSM meeting Damon room, Tuesday July 11th, 3:00-3:45 PM Invited: Erik, Cecelia, Don, Mariana Review last meeting Two ESMF issues we have with ESMF_2_2_2 Status ESMF issues we have 1. Serial build on SGI and IBM You can't set ESMF_COMM=mpiuni a
Page: CCSM-ESMF March 7th meeting
CCSM/ESMF joint meeting Tuesday, March 7th, 3:00-4:00pm Damon room Erik Kluzek, Mariana Vertenstein, Cecelia Deluca ESMF Build status New release resolves issues from Brian Eaton Cray-X1 is working, NEC - working on compilation issues, probably few months
Page: CCSM-ESMF May 3rd meeting
Joint CCSM/ESMF meeting Tuesday May 16th, 3:00-4:00pm Directors Conference room Attending: Cecelia, Erik, Mariana, Don Review last meeting Peggy has files now – progress? Doing ok! Is Brian E. happy enough? Wait for ESMF_2_3_0. What does our design look l
Page: CCSM-ESMF Requirements
Requirements are arranged according to the two-stage evaluation plan. Stage 1 involved implementing the uncoupled, sequential, single executable CAM/CLM model using ESMF. Stage 2 involves implementing the coupled, concurrent CCSM3 model in ESMF. To the ex
Page: CCSM-ESMF Sep 15th, meeting
h2. CCSM/ESMF joint meeting h3. Date: Friday Sept. 15th, 10:30AM MST h3. Invited: Cecelia, Erik, and Mariana h3. Gerhard, Samson, and Peggy via speaker phone (Peggy (818)354-1341) (Samson (510) 429-9305) (Gerhard (951)488-1837) h3. Where: Directors Confer
Page: CCSM-ESMF Stage 1 Dynamics restructuring
See notes on release schedule for Stage-1-6 In keeping with the CCSM/ESMF Stage 1 Architecture design document we propose the following framework: ESMF Level Dynamics Component: This level would only be used in atmospheric components that use ESMF. The in
Page: CCSM-ESMF Stage 1 Release schedule
CCSM/ESMF Stage-1 Release Schedule Erik Load: 4.0 actual/ideal 250lpd (new code) 400lpd (outside code) 100lpd (current code) !!Pre-ESMF Stage Milestone 3 – Subroutinization / Driver Level (Done! October 3rd) Subroutinize CLM (done) cam3_2_3 Make ICE,OCN i
Page: CCSM-ESMF Stage 2 Release schedule
CCSM/ESMF Stage-2 Release Schedule CCSM-ESMF Stage 1 Release schedule Milestone 1 – Move to cam3_4_00 Update csm_share to latest, put on csm_share trunk (DONE) share3_070220 Update csm_share_emodules branch to share3_070220 DONE (need to add frozen branch
Page: CCSM-ESMF Stage-1 Project
ESMF Stage 1 Project WIKI for communication on CCSM/ESMF Stage-1 project: Main CCSM/ESMF Project page: CCSM-ESMF Stage-2 Proj
Page: CCSM-ESMF Stage-2 Project
ESMF Stage 2 Project WIKI for communication on CCSM/ESMF Stage-2 project: Main CCSM/ESMF Project page: CCSM-ESMF Stage-1 Proj
Page: CCSM-GLIMMER coupling design. Jan-26-2007
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Page: CCSM-GLIMMER-cpl-Charter
Charter for CCSM-GLIMMER coupling project DRAFT – Initial cut by EBK Goals: Rough cut of putting GLIMMER into the CCSM modeling framework. Link GLIMMER into the CCSM modeling framework. Properly modify all feedbacks: -orography, roughness, temperatures, a
Page: CCSM-MCT Sequential CCSM
Sequential CCSM utilizing MCT The goal of this project is to develop a sequential CCSM that has all the functionality of the current concurrent CCSM and produces the same climate (and bfb answers in some scenarios) !! Current Task List Stand-alone cam fun
Page: CCSM3.5 Aerosols Mar-1-2007 meeting
March 1, 2007 meeting 1:00 PM Damon Room Participants: Phil Rasch, Francis Vitt, Mariana Vertenstein, Erik Kluzek, Brian Eaton, Peter Hess Action items Mariana – setup meeting to meet with everyone Francis – create trop-mozart version from Chemistry prepr
Page: CCSM4 scripts update
CCSM4 Scripts Update please contact tcraig to propose changes create_newcase Ability to set casename, mach, res, compset on command line Ability to run create_newcase from another dir and create a case in a different dir location Ability to "set" env_conf
Page: CCSM4.0 Task List
CCSM4.0 Requirements Consistency of module name, module filename and use statement. In order for makdep to work properly, the module name and module filename must be the same "string". In addition, the module filename and use statement must agree with res
Page: CCWG
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Page: CESM Large Ensemble
NOTE: The CESM-LE data have been officially released.  They are available on the Earth System Grid and on Yellowstone (glade: /glade/p/cesmLE/CESM-CAM5-BGC-LE ; hsi: /CCSM/csm/CESM-CAM5-BGC-LE).  The
Page: Cleaning up CLM's object orientation
Purpose of this page Mariana's major OO refactor resulted in quite a bit more modularization of the CLM code. However, there are inevitably areas where things could still be improved in terms of modularity. This page provides a place to note such places a
Page: Cleaning up filters in CLM
Thinking about how to clean up the filters in CLM... The current use of filters in CLM: Unless otherwise stated, these filters are declared in filterMod. Many of them are also set in filterMod, but a few are set elsewhere (e.g., because they need to be re
Page: Cleanup of FV dycore interface
Notes on cleanup of FV dycore interface Below are notes on what I think needs to be done to cleanup the FV dycore interfaces in CAM. Both short and long term changes are discussed. Some cleanup depends on things being fixed on the physics side of the mode
Page: CLM Canopy Air Space Project
CLM Canopy Air Space Project At last week's meeting we decided that I repeat the tests that I conducted last summer with the "toy model." I saved last summer's work at /home/bluesky/slevis/sib3/oldset. I started the new tests at /home/bluesky/slevis/sib3.
Page: CLM Coding Conventions
{imagemap:name=[]} {map:link=\[Home\]\|coords=22,8,321,23\|title="WIKI Home"} {map:link=\[index\]\|coords=547,8,588,17\|title="Index"} {map:link=\[About the CCSM\]\|coords=597,8,649,17\|title="Overview"
Page: CLM Fine Mesh Project
{table:width="100%"|cellpadding=0|cellspacing=0|border=0|bgcolor=353d4a} {tr} {td} {imagemap:name=[]} {map:link=[Home]|coords=22,8,321,23|title="WIKI Home"} {map:link=[index]|coords=547,8,588,17|title="
Page: CLM Tag and Physics Version Naming Conventions
CLM Tag and Physics Version Naming Conventions:   As of July 2014, CLM tag names are of the form: clmX_Y_Z_rN. The first part clmX_Y_Z indicates the scientific version number.  X is the major version number (e.g. CLM4).  Y is the minor number, typically z
Page: CLM test suite notes
Some notes on the CLM test suite, relevant for the next time we rework it. • (wjs, 2014-11-20): We have a few tests that each take ~ 500 pe-hours (ne30, f09, hcru). It feels like high-res cases should just be short smoke tests, non-debug (or 1-day SMS_D).
Page: CLM test suite redesign
CLM test suite redesign The current CLM test suite takes a long time to run. Thus we don't run it very often. And thus, when there are failures, it can take a long time to track down their cause. And then rerunning the test suite takes a while again.... T
Page: CLM Testing
Automated Tools for Testing CLM Table of Contents Why should you use Automated Tools to Test CLM? By using automated testing tools you can automatically and easily run CLM under many different configurations and options, making sure that they still work w
Page: CLM Tools Testing
CLM Tools Testing We have tools for testing the various CLM input data file processing scripts in the "models/lnd/clm/testing/tools" directory. Quickstart to using for tools testing: To test the CLM tools for making input files for CLM use
Page: CLM UML Diagrams
CLM Over All Design This is a design we want to work towards from where it is now. CLM consists of six levels: CESM interface level CLM global superstructure level CLM main parametrization level CLM sub parametrization level CLM infrastructure level CESM
Page: CLM Upcoming Tags
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Page: CLM Urban -- Changes to checkin to trunk
CLM Urban Model Work to checkin to Trunk (clm3_5_16)  Major CLM Tags - post clm3_exp_48: clm3_expa_54 - finemesh updates - bfb with expa_48 clm3_expa_66 - Tony restructuring, share clocks, various updates - bfb except in CN mode and for time-manager clm3_
Page: CLM Urban -- nature of changes
Nature of changes from CLM base version to CLM Urban code Total src files with changes: 32 files Total number of lines of source changes (with context diff): 6k Lines of code of new modules: 4k Total diffs from clm3_expa_54 to clm3_5_05: 100k Estimate in
Page: CLM Urban Requirements
CLM Urban model requirements Science requirements: Software Engineering requirements: All input files are NetCDF Input is directed through the clm_inparm namelist Input files use getfil functionality to get from disk or MSS. CPP variables are kept to a mi
Page: CLM Urban Risk list
CLM Urban risk list This is a list of potential risks in moving the CLM Urban code to the trunk. This isn't to say that the following risks – will happen. But, we should look for ways to reduce their likelyhood, and we should realize that if some of these
CLM Code Management Team Pages:
Page: CLM-Dev
Community Land Model Development Wiki Page
Page: CLM3.5 Quickstart guide
Quickstart guide to using CLM3.5 This is a short description of how to use the CLM3.5 public release. Download source and datasets 1. Register and login to the Earth System Grid (ESG) and download the three tar-files needed (source-code, NCEPDATA, and inp
Page: CLM3.5 release
CLM3.5 Release Requirements Off-line only Limited support, not support for porting to new platforms NOT supported on IRIX (such as tempest) or Linux with Pathscale compiler Will include CN, CASA', dust, DGVM – but NOT supported – contact relevent folks Wi
Page: CLM4.0 Release planning
CLM4.0 Release Planning Checklist Requirements Science Requirements DONE List of things we require to accomplish before the release happens. Ehthalpy not always conserved for snow combination DONE CNDV (on branch) DONE Problems with CNDV in tropics for te
Page: CLM4.0 Technical Note planning (internal)
Draft Table of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                                                                           Estimated Completion 1.         INTRODUCTION 1.1       MODEL HISTORY AND OV
Page: CLM4.5 Technical Note planning (internal)
Draft Table of Content TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                    Responsibility                                                    Reviewer  1.    Introduction                                                               D. Law
Page: CLM4SinglePointMode
Doing Single Point Simulations In CLM See the CLM User's Guide for documentation on this. CLM User's Guide -- Single Point Chapter
Page: Community Land Model Developers Guide
CESM Community Land Model Developer's Guide The following is intended to: Provide guidance to developers who wish to contribute to CLM Promote development of easy-to-understand and easy-to-maintain CLM code Encourage orderly and timely integration of mode
Page: Compiling and Running the CAM Adiabatic Test Cases
Current_Tag: see main FVcubed page There are two sets of test cases: those defined internally in the GFDL fvcubed dynamical core, and those which can be defined by CAM itself. Both of these ignore the initial conditions and set their own dynamics state. T
Page: Comprehensive list of standards
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Page: Config Quick guide
Taking Advantage of the Simultaneous Multi-Theading (SMT) on Bluevista and Blueice SCD Documentation: The gory details Background: With the current crunch on computing resources at NCAR, it is impor
Page: CORE-JRA55
ExperimentDescriptionInitializationDiagnosticsAtmosphereIceLandOcean       AtmIceLnd   c3_5_19.01 ccsm3.5beta19, 1949-2006, NCEP/GCGCS/GISS/SSMI, zgrid_100_3m-250m.txt, turned weak S restore OFF for third cycle Levitus/PHC2 AtmIceLndpd.timeseries http://w
Page: cpl_map_mod problems
problems with cpl_map_mod Part of CCSM on BlueGene Project. One of the first obstacles in running cpl6 at high processor counts and resolutions was the amount of memory needed to initialize a mapping. The old algorithm was to read in all the weights on no
Page: Creating a CLM Tag
Quick Guide to Creating a CLM tag for the CLM Code Management Team (CLM-CMT) Erik Kluzek Reference: Online SVN Handbook ( *Help on Subversion for CCSM: (ht
Page: CSEG
{bookmark:url=}CCSM Software Engineering Group{bookmark}
Page: CVWG
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Page: CWG
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Page: DART CESM Multi-Model
DART/CESM Multi-Model Project (An Interactive Multi-Model for Consensus on Climate Change) DOE Grant Synopsis Change DART/CESM coupling so that DART modifies the behavior of each ensemble member according to information from each other ensemble member. Th
Page: Data Model v7 Project
Data Model v7 Project Mission Statement Upgrade the existing CCSM3 data models to include scientific functionality commonly used in existing embedded/non-standard data models and to prepare the data models for use in ESMF and single-executable implementat
Page: Details on CAM3.5 Aerosol dataset conversion.
Details on CAM3.5 Aerosol dataset conversion Constants: -SHR_CONST_AVOGAD = 6.02214e26_R8 ! Avogadro's number ~ molecules/kmole -DMS molecular weight: 62.13 g/mol (see
Page: Draft of Coding Standards for CAM
What's the Point? Writing readable, maintainable code should be a priority in scientific computing. If a body of source code is difficult to understand, it is also difficult to: Read the code to learn about what it does. Read the code to verify that it is
Page: Dust and Carbon deposition to surface models Project
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Page: Dynamic Landunits Design
Current thoughts about dynamic landunits design The transitions we are working on initially are: increases / decreases in glacier area (Bill Sacks & Bill Lipscomb) increases / decreases in crop area (Beth Drewniak & Bill Sacks) Crop area will be specified
Page: dynamics-physics interface
I probably need to lay out my design at this point. At the moment, I ask the dynamics for the following information: h3. total number of columns in dynamics computational grid call get_horiz_grid_cnt_d(ngcols_d) Here I assume that the dynamics indexing sc


Page: ED
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Page: ESMF-Stage1DesignOverview
CCSM ESMF Stage-1 Design Overview Notes about how we are using ESMF in our Stage-1 implimentation in the Community Climate System Model (CCSM). Time synchronization – down from parent The start and stop time is set at the top level driver. The top level d


Page: Fortran Compiler Bug List
This is a list of known issues with different Fortran compilers. This list is largely confined to Fortran bugs in the sense of non-compliance with the Fortran 2003 standard. Some notable extensions, like fpp, are also covered. The color coding and layout
Page: Fortran Compiler News
October 01, 2014 Hi all, Quite a bit going on again this month. 1) PGI 14.9 and Intel 15.0.0 are now on yellowstone. Both have some relevant bug fixes, but particularly Intel, which has not been updated for some time. 1) CLM has had some issues with PGI 1
Page: FVcubed dynamical core configuration
The FVcubed dynamical core from GFDL has a complicated and poorly engineered interface. There is an fv_init (w/o arguments) method to initialize it and a fv_dynamics (with a long argument list) to execute one time step, but in addition, numerous configura


Page: Gather-scatter interfaces
Gather/Scatter interfaces Goal Create generic interfaces for gather/scatter operations. Motivation Gathers and scatters between global fields and fields on the local physics or dynamics decomposition are done for history output restart I/O reading initial
Page: GLIMMER documents
Documents for the GLIMMER project ice sheet goals july07.doc icesheet smb ccsm.doc
Page: GLIMMER-CCSM-cpl-design-architecture
Architecture Document for CCSM/GLIMMER coupling DRAFT – Initial cut by EBK High level view: Land – owns the snow and the fluxes from the surface to atmosphere. Computes meltwater fluxes from snow. (This was my understanding about snow melt, but we can rev
Page: GLIMMER-CCSM-cpl-requirements
Requirements for the GLIMMER/CCSM coupling project DRAFT – Initial cut by EBK These should be categorized into Required by CCSM Science Desired by CCSM Science Required by GLIMMER development team Desired by GLIMMER development team Required by CSEG Softw
Page: GLIMMER-CCSM-cpl-risks
Top 10 risk list for GLIMMER/CCSM coupling project DRAFT – Initial cut by EBK Difficulties incorporating results into other models may require extensive reworking of existing models. Results may have scientific challenges causing instabilities or other sc
Page: Grid circle
GRID CIRCLE Examination of the monthly history files from CICE, POP and CAM reveal a grid artifact located at approximately 78 degrees north. It appears to be a discontinunity in a large number of the fields. Several CICE fields and a CAM field are attach
Page: Grid Staggering Suggestion for Initial Conditions (Eaton)
From Brian Eaton: Just so we're all on the same page, here is a suggestion for representing the coordinates of the staggered velocities. Just an outline of the metadata for the horizontal coordinates along with a single variable on each grid is given here


Page: History files
There are two possibilities here. Modify the cam history to support ncols format but still use gather and write methods on the masterproc. Branch the output to use the homme netcdf_io_mod + Back to Implement HOMME dycore
Home page: Home
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Page: How to compile and run the GFDL test cases
THIS PAGE IS NOW OBSOLETE: it is only here to document the code's evolution The GFDL FVcubed dynamical core contains several self tests. These can be run in the CAM environment. Test cases -1 to 9 are for the shallow water case (npz==1 vertical level): Ca
Page: HPSS commands
Example 1:   listing files on HPSS: hsi -P 'cd /CCSM/csm/b40.lgm21ka.1deg.002/rest/1499-01-01-00000; ls' hsi -q 'cd /CCSM/csm/b40.1850.lgmco2.1deg.001/atm/hist ; ls -l' |& less hsi -q 'cd /CCSM/csm/b40.1850.lgmco2.1deg.001/ocn/; ls -Rl' >& doh Example 2: 


Page: ILAMB Software Architecture
Current High Level Architecture   The current architecture has three to four layers above the main science code. The science code mixes science operations with plotting. The main level has loops over variables processed for each different type of processi
Page: IM
{bookmark:url=}Polar Climate Working Group{bookmark}
Page: Implement FVCUBED Dycore
Latest Stable Tag $SVNREPO/cam1/branch_tags/fvcubed_cam4_9_02_tags/fvcubed08_cam4_9_02 Motivation The motivation of this project is to ensure that the CCSM is ready for the upcoming generation of petascale computing platforms, which are expected to have h
Page: Implement HOMME dycore
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Page: Improvements to Short-Long Term Archiving
Archiving tools are being created for stand-alone CAM that differ in some ways from how CCSM currently does its archiving. Some of the differences may be due to oversights, others we may want to adopt in the CCSM scripts. It may be desirable to have a gen
Page: index
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Page: Initial APE CAM 3.1 physics - HOMME dycore
Model Details All Runs: CAM_3_4_10 (same physics as CAM 3.1) Eulerian T85 physics tunings 14 month runs, initialized from an earlier APE run plots are time averaged over last 12 months Eulerian dycore namelists: atm in drv in Branch: https://svn-ccsm-mode
Page: Interpolation
Steps for inline interpolation from homme to a lat-lon grid: Add a list of points to be interpolated in element_t - this would be an allocatable array of type cartesian2d_t During initialization determine what lat,lon points to interpolate to fall into ea
Page: Issues for Meeting Feb. 27, 2009
Status of CAM-FV^3 Adiabatic Test Cases Internal test cases (baroclinic wave) seem to be running. Initial Conditions can be read; take a look at results (software problems with NCAR Wiki): http




Page: Linking Outside Model to CLM4
Notes on Linking an Outside Atmosphere Model to CLM4 Two options: Bring your atmosphere model into the CESM modeling system. Bring CLM4 into your modeling system Bring your atmosphere model into the CESM modeling system This option may seem scary, you mig
Page: List of common problems to watch out for when developing / reviewing code
Here are common sources of bugs in CLM, which you should watch out for when developing / reviewing code: Possible sources of model crashes or non-physical results • Potential for divide-by-zero Solution: put code in a conditional that checks for 0, and ha
Page: List of Known bugs in CLM3.5
Known Bugs in CLM3.5 December/12/2008 =================================================================================== List of problems: Problem with restarts in CN mode on Linux/Lahey Problem using mksurfdata with PGI compiler Problem with t42half cas
Page: LM
{bookmark:url=}Land Model Working Group{bookmark}
Page: LMW. CLM-Related Publications
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Page: LMWG
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Page: LMWG Publications
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Page: Low-Res Ecosystem
Fully-Coupled <center>Experiment Description Initialization Diagnostics Atmosphere Ice Land Ocean speciescont ccsm3.5beta23, control w/ active ecosystem Levitus/PHC2 AMWG Ic


Page: Main CCSM 3.5 development experiments
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Page: Moving interpinic into CLM
For a number of reasons, we are considering moving interpinic into CLM. Here are some reasons: Running interpinic can be a difficult part of setting up a new CLM production run Maintaining all of the initial conditions files is somewhat painful; e.g., cur
Page: Multi-Model Fall 2013 AGU Talk
NG006: Ensemble Methods for Combining Climate and Weather Models   Software Engineering Designs for Super-Modeling Different Versions of CESM Models using DART *Kluzek E. National Center for Atmospheric Research, PO Box 3000, Boulder, CO 803
Page: my first child


Page: NCAR CMIP5 Central
MAIN CMIP5 page at PCMDI A Summary of the CMIP5 Experiment Design (31 Dec 2008, pdf) CMIP5 standard output specification
Page: Nudging experiments
CCSM3.5 Projection Experiments ENSO observational data (HadiSST) nino3, nino3.4, corr http:


Page: Old CCSM-on-BG-L work
Status of CCSM on BG/L. Effort now focuses on BG/P and CCSM4alpha CCSM3 concurrent CCSM with full models (single executable) build supported on frost and suny run completed T31_gx3v5 compset B on 32 procs with output. CCSM with dead models (single executa
Page: OM
{bookmark:url=}Ocean Model Working Group{bookmark}
Page: OMWG
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Page: Opportunities for Improvement
Page: Orphan attachments


Page: Paleo
{bookmark:url=}Paleoclimate Working Group{bookmark}
Page: Paleoclimate Meeting Notes
Create a new meeting notes page using this template. Keep track of who attended, what has been discussed during the meeting and what needs to be acted upon. Date: 10 October 2012 Projects: iCESM iCESM:  Esther, Alex CMIP5 download   Notes ||Completed||Pri
Page: Parallel I-O
{imagemap:name=[]}{imagemap} {map:link=[Home]|coords=22,8,321,23|title="WIKI Home"} PIO - Parallel I/O project The Parallel IO Project is now hosted at http://code.g
Page: PBL sensitivity experiments
PBL Experiments Fully-Coupled Experiment Description Initialization Diagnostics Atmosphere Ice Land Ocean b01 description Case Info. Atm Ice Lnd pd.timeseries
Page: PCWG
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Page: PFT Definitions
0 - bareground 1 - needleleaf_evergreen_temperate_tree 2 - needleleaf_evergreen_boreal_tree 3 - needleleaf_deciduous_boreal_tree 4 - broadleaf_evergreen_tropical_tree 5 - broadleaf_evergreen_temperate_tree 6 - broadleaf_deciduous_tropical_tree 7 - broadle
This page has been moved, the new location is [] h3. PIO specific interfaces - subroutine PIO_init(comp_rank, comp_comm, num_iotasks, num_aggregator, stride, Rearranger, IOsystem, base) -- integer(i4), intent
Page: PIO-PNETCDF-Restart benchmarks
Benchmarks for the PIO-PNETCDF Restart code used by the CAM physics package and the HOMME dycore. These numbers should be similar to what PIO/PNETCDF can achieve for CAM history when that code is finished. Methodology Setup CAM/HOMME for aqua planet simul
Page: PIO_initdecomp examples
Edit PIO_initdecomp examples here. subroutine GetIODOF(ndims, gdims, iorank, iodof, start, count, decompz) integer, intent(in) :: ndims integer, intent(in) :: gdims(ndims) integer, intent(in) :: iorank logical, intent(in), optional :: decompz integer(kind
Page: POP hindcast experiments
POP Hindcast Experiments Ocean-Alone <center>ExperimentDescriptionInitializationDiagnosticsAtmosphereIceLandOceangx1v3.210 ccsm3.0beta20, CORE-II hindcast, 1958-2000, 3 cycles then extended Levitus/PHC2 AtmIceLnd120-129 (1991-2000)
Page: POP vertical grid experiments
POP Vertical Grid Experiments Fully-Coupled <center>Experiment Description Initialization Diagnostics Atmosphere Ice Land Ocean b01 ccsm3_5_beta12, 60-lvl vert grid, default setup Levitus/PHC2 Atm Ice Lnd pd.timeseries
Page: Porting CLM to other machines
1. Find closest machine to your machine Look through the files in scripts/ccsm_utils/Machines find the machine that might be the closest to your machine. 2. Copy the files over Example: cp Macros.lightning_pgi Macros.mymachine_pgi cp env_machopts.lightnin
Page: pre ccsm3_1_beta39 tags.
Pre ccsm3_1_beta39 tags, Increasing throughput: To maximize throughput of CCSM runs, utilizing SMT allows us to effectively double the number of MPI processes used and increase throughput by up to 30% at NO additional cost. The following modifications are
Page: pre-CCSM 4.0 fully coupled experiments
ENSO observational data (HadiSST) nino3, nino3.4, corr
Page: pre-CCSM 4.0 sensitivity experiments
pre-CCSM 4.0 sensitivity experiments Ocean-Ice, Interannually Varying Forcing <center>ExperimentDescriptionInitializationDiagnosticsAtmosphereIceLandOceang40_control ccsm4_0_alpha34, hrpop45 branch from 60 years of TN460 AtmIceLndpd.timeseries http://www.
Page: Production Run Database Project
Save case directories in subversion?? rather than trying to store the case directories for production runs on the web server alongside the run database, we could store them in a subversion repository... initial case directory would need to be imported int
Page: Project Charter
CCSM Data Model v7 Project Project Charter <html> Name: CCSM Data Model v7 Project: datm7, dice7, dlnd7, docn7 Mission Statement: Upgrade the existing CCSM3 data models to include scientific functionality commonly used in existing embedded/non-standard da
Page: Project Plan (current)
CCSM Data Model v7 Project Implementation Plan and Status Status <html> Last Update: July 31, 2006 Work Completed: o Phase I (datm7) was completed in Nov 2005 for CAMHIST and TN460 modes (those modes which emulate datm6 and latm6) Phase I was reopened and
Page: Project Plan (Dec 2004)
CCSM Data Model v7 Project Project Plan (obsolete – Dec 2004) <html> Implementation Schedule Phase I ~ create working models which implement architecture, shared code, and a uniform set of basic functionality. A) requirements analysis wrt to basic/uniform
Page: PROJECT. CLM Urban Model
CLM Urban Model Keith Oleson has done a substantial amound of work on a development branch of CLM to develop code to model urban surface environment hydrology and radiative characteristics. This branch needs to be updated to the latest CLM model and put o
Page: PROJECT. Community Snow
Edit PROJECT: Community Snow here.
Page: PROJECT. Community Snow Project
The Community Snow Project is an effort across a number of groups that is aimed to improve the representation of snow in CLM and by extension climate in CAM-CLM. People who are involved in the project or whose prior research efforts are represented includ
Page: PROJECT. DGVM, fire, nitrogen, dynpft and crops for CASA-prime
Update CASA` to work with DGVM, fire, nitrogen, dynpft and crops We want CASA` to have the same capability that CN now has. That means we need to add a fire and nitrogen cycle models. And we need the ability to run the DGVM (Dynamic Global Vegetation Mode
Page: PROJECT. Linking Glimmer Ice Sheet Model to CCSM
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Page: PROJECT. Natural and anthropogenic methane emissions
Natural and anthropogenic methane emissions in CCSM Project team consists of: David Lawrence and Sean Swenson, NCAR Natalie Mahowald and Peter Hess (and postdoc), Cornell Bill Riley (and postdoc), LLNL Inez Fung (and students), UC Berkeley Initial allocat
Page: Proposed CCSM API
Proposed CCSM API: General concepts: interfaces for inquire/put_attribute/get_attribute/etc will be supported but are not discussed here. pio will have some default (machine dependent?) io decomp/read/write settings, users can change the defaults via call
Page: PWG
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Page: Recent CLM4.5 Refactoring
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Page: Refactor phys_buffer
Refactor phys_buffer.F90 Current phys_buffer API: pbuf_defaultopts. ?pbuf_setopts :    A single namelist variable pbuf_global_allocate is provided which makes the scope of all pbuf variables persistant pbuf_init :   nullifies the pbuf structure pbuf_add :
Page: Refactor the configure script
Refactor the configure script Purpose Simplify the configure script by moving the generic functionality of managing a configuration to a separate module. Responsibilities of configure Check, as much as possible, that a valid model configuration has been s
Page: Results of a initial condition runs with Ideal Physics
The initial conditions for these runs were generated by a 300-day CAM-EUL simulation and then interpolated to the cubed sphere grid. This simulation is Ideal Physics (Held-Suarez) run for 30 days. Also attached to this page are the surface pressure, 850mb
Page: Results of a spun up initial condition run with aqua planet
THIS PAGE DOES NOT REFLECT THE CURRENT STATUS: these runs need to be performed again Spun-up Initial Condition Run with Aqua Planet For kicks, the spun-up initial conditions for Held-Suarez were used for an aqua planet run (this may or may not be appropri
Page: Results of an initial condition run
THIS PAGE DOES NOT REFLECT THE CURRENT STATUS: these runs need to be run again These runs at resolutions C12, C22, C46  are meant to test the facility for reading initial condition files. The initial conditions for these runs were interpolated from lat-lo
Page: Results of an initial condition run on an aqua planet
THIS PAGE NO LONGER REFLECTS CURRENT STATUS: will be replaced when these tests are rerun. The initial conditions for this run were interpolated to the FVcubed C48 grid from the file: inputdata/atm/cam/inic/gaus/ It wa
Page: Results of the Baroclinic Wave (Steady State) in Adiabatic Mode
See the attachments for Surface Pressure (PS) and Temperature at 850mb (T850)
Page: Results of the Baroclinic Wave (with Perturbation) in Adiabatic Mode
See the attachments for Surface Pressure (PS), Temperature and Omega at 850 mBar. Surface Pressure Temperature at 850mb Vertical Velocity at 850mb
Page: River Transport Model
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Page: Running CAM-HOMME
cam3_6_61 Need modified versions of models/atm/cam/bld/namelist_files: namelist_defaults_cam.xml, namelist_definitions.xml that r


Page: SCD New Machine Acquisition Support
SCD New Machine Acquisition Support Summary: There are a number of tasks that CSEG will be asked to perform in support of the new machine acquisition process. Tasks: Define benchmarks to be run. Provide tar files of source, data, scripts, etc. needed to r
Page: Script Requirements
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Page: Script Upgrade Requirements
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Page: Sequential CCSM communication pattern
Rather than communicate everything through hub component. Not have an independent hub component. Application driver coordinates the communication between components. Couple between 2 components directly. Each component has a hub component to take care of
Page: Sequential CCSM Dec 14, 2005 meeting
December 14th Stage-1 meeting: DCR, 3:00pm MST Agenda: Go through pages 13-19 of latest design document. Example namelists are under Stage-1-11 Go through object definitions below Erik prototype, Alarms for simple examples Design document is under... <a h
Page: Sequential CCSM Dec 2, 2005 meeting
Go through pages 13-17 Psuedocode for share code.
Page: Sequential CCSM Feb 24, 2006 meeting
CCSM/Stage 1 meeting: Feb 24th 2006 Directors Conference Room, 2:30-4:00pm Agenda: Review last meeting Feb 10 Answer question on problem I've come up on.. Review top level design with last weeks name changes. Question on specific problem: Currently the op
Page: Sequential CCSM Feb 8, 2006 meeting
Agenda for Feb 10th, CCSM/ESMF Stage-1 meeting Oceanography Conference room, 2:30pm MST Some more questions on details. Some questions about ESMF specific behavior. Look at NetCDF restart file ncdump again. Look at namelists again – table of what can and
Page: Sequential CCSM Jan 12, 2006 meeting
Agenda: Review last weeks meeting. Jan 6 Review design decisions. Review some coding philosphy I've adopted. Go through my list of questions. Go through top-level prototype. Start looking at shr_timemgr shr_input, shr_ncscalar interfaces. Basic design dec
Page: Sequential CCSM Jan 20, 2006 meeting
Agenda for Jan 20th, 2006 CCSM/ESMF Stage-1 meeting Review notes from last meeting – Jan 13 (Can the isBranch ReadRestart logic – just do restart or startup) Look at app driver restart files. Talk about specific behavior of high level code. Look at NetCDF
Page: Sequential CCSM Jan 27, 2006 meeting
Go through questions from last week: Jan 20 More questions: Are there more special config options that make sense? (stand-alone modes for each component?) – Stage-2 Question For example: (atmlnd_only, no_lnd) Top level restarts for coup_csm version? – Exa
Page: Sequential CCSM Jan 6, 2006 meeting
Agenda for Jan/6/2006 Sequential CCSM Stage-1 meeting. Name suggestions from Brian K. Change xxx_gc into gc_xxx (i.e gc_lnd) Change xxxhub_gc into gc_mrg_h2x (i.e gc_mrg_h2l) Change xxxxxx_cpl into cc_map_x2x (i.e. atmlnd_cpl into cc_map_a2l goes both way
Page: Sequential CCSM Mar 3, 2006 meeting
CCSM/ESMF Stage-1 meeting Time in Driver Run-Loop 2:45 pm MST, Damon Room High level run driver overview – some alturnatives, future flexibility... Agenda: Questions on last meeting: Is one subroutine for initialization what we want? – Yes, move all of in
Page: Sequential CCSM Mar 31, 2006 meeting
Sequential CCSM – CCSM/ESMF Stage-1 Meeting April 11th, 2006, 3:00-4:30pm Chapman conference room More on high level picture (Didn't finish) Agenda: Briefly review Last meeting, Mar 3rd Initialization and allowance for components to ask driver for a chang
Page: Sequential CCSM May 10, 2006 meeting
CCSM/ESMF Stage-1 meeting Tuesday May 16th, 1:30-3:00pm Directors Conference room Attending: Brian E., Brian K., Erik, Mariana, Tony and Nancy N. Finish averaging options from last meeting next time, but do go over some issues I need now. Finalize Stage-1
Page: Sequential CCSM Nov 17, 2005 meeting
Agenda: Go over new communication pattern New idea for where fluxes calculated (defer) Naming conventions a2h_i atm_export_i Ok, go back to a2h_i... sigh Send everyone, hard and soft copies of the pseudo-code
Page: SEWG
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Page: Sidd Gosh Notes
Sidd Gosh's notes on his attempt to run CAM on NCAR's BlueGene in Fall 2005. Part of CCSM on BlueGene Project. Eulerian The T31 and T42 runs almost without any changes, I think I had to just switch off the system call stuff which are anyway minor utilitie
Page: Stage-1-1
cam3_2_3 commit 4000 lines of code mods 85 days of actual time (4/5-6/29) 8 weeks not counting sick/vacation, CCSM workshop, other seminars 100lpd Make camice, somocn, camocn all modules with initial and run methods. Start work on comsrf to make it more m
Page: Stage-1-10
Rearrange driver of CAM Ideal engineering time: 3 days Rearrange cam driver into sequential CCSM driver and CAM CCSM driver.Change names of surface models to: camcsim_comp, camdom_comp, camsom_comp Make sure each falls into the CCSM/ESMF Stage-1 design hi
Page: Stage-1-10.5
Update esmf_wrf_timemgr, start using shr_file_mod for file gets and puts Roughly 6000 lines of changed or new code Ideal engineering days: 3 days 6 weeks to complete 240 lpd Update esmf_wrf_timemgr to version on chghilev branch. cam files with getfil and
Page: Stage-1-11
Cleanup time-managers and move to clocks Ideal engineering time: 14 days Estimate of code lines: 5k, 500 scripts Actual: 11.7k CAM, 9k csm_share, 1.5k clm, 1k esmf_wrf_timemgr, .1 scripts Actual total: 23.5k 16 weeks 150lpd 2 weeks vacation, Breckenridge
Page: Stage-1-2
Institute the general high-level structure desired. Keep comsrf, camice, camocn/somocn all as they are now, but create the overall structure we have desired for the end for within stepon. Start: July 8th, cam3_2_4_brnch_chghilev Ideal engineering time: 1.
Page: Stage-1-2.3
Resolve the non-physics modes of CAM and move the surface restart around Ideal engineering time: 4 days Actual time: August 22nd – August 30th, 1.5 week (was 2 days of vacation) Load factor: 2. Resolve the non-physics modes of CAM (adiabatic, ideal_phys,
Page: Stage-1-2.6
Create initial cut of cam_comp Ideal engineering time: 3 days Start Sep/1st First checkin: cam3_2_22 – Sep/20/2005 4000 lines of code Branch checkin: cam3_2_22_brnchT_chghilev_9 Sep/22/2005 Final checkin: cam3_2_24 Oct/3/2005 I had 2.5 days of vacation Lo
Page: Stage-1-20
Create ESMF dev branch and define and create ESMF states Ideal engineering time: 3 weeks Start date: August 18th Completion date: Jan 14th, 2007 Off-time during project: 5 days (script), 16-days (vaca), 4-days (sick) Actual weeks on project: 16 Estimated
Page: Stage-1-21
Remove data duplicated in comctl and elsewhere duplicated in shr_timemgr _mod.F90 and shr_inputinfo_mod.F90.
Page: Stage-1-22
Use cpl6 flux_mod code to do ocean/atmosphere fluxes. Idealized engineering time: 1 week
Page: Stage-1-3
Remove CAMSURF, COUP_CSM and COUP_SOM ifdefs CAMSURF Remove CAMSURF ifdefs – provided needed simulations are done. This part was checked in as CAM3.2.12 Resolve COUP_CSM ifdefs in following: Some of this was already done on the subrt branch. Some of the f
Page: Stage-1-4
Cleanup camice. Ideal engineering time: 2 days Actual time: 4 days Load factor: 2 Move tssub from cam_srfexch_types into camice module and make module data wholly contained in camice. This will involve modifications to : camice.F90 camsrfexch_types(tssub
Page: Stage-1-5
Incorporate subrtize branch physpkg changes into cam_dev Some of this work is already done, from previous tasks. Move changes from cam2_0_2_dev14_brnch_subrtize branch for physpkg and following to latest cam_dev. Do a cvs diff of cam3_0_27_brnchT_subrtize
Page: Stage-1-6
Move surbrtize branch changes of dynpkg onto cam_dev Move changes from cam2_0_2_dev14_brnch_subrtize branch for dynpkg and following to latest cam_dev. Do a cvs diff of cam3_0_27_brnchT_subrtize21 with cam3_0_27 on the following files to get an idea of th
Page: Stage-1-7
Cleanup camocn, and somocn Ocean components. Ideal engineering time: 3 days Actual time: 4 days Load factor: 1.5 Create read_restart, write_restart, read_inidat subroutines for camocn and somocn modules. Work with camocn.F90 somocn.F90
Page: Stage-1-7.5
Put the WRF version of ESMF time-manager in for CAM/CLM Ideal engineering time: 2 weeks Actual time: Oct 3rd - Nov 8th (5 weeks) Load factor: 2.5 About 9000 lines of code 360lpd Add the relevent module, add to CVS modules for cam1, clm2, ccsm3 Add the WRF
Page: Stage-1-7.7
Seperate coupling layer out for the MCT version Rob Jacobs and Mariana Vertenstein Use MCT Attribute vectors for all data exchanged between components at the top driver level. Create MCT_xxx_comp.F90 layer for MCT coupling layer for a given component. Con
Page: Stage-1-8
Cleanup camhub_comp as hub component Ideal Engineering Time: 5 days Some clean up to the camhub_comp module. Move the snowhlnd array from comsrf to camhub_comp srfflx_state. (done) Move subroutine srfxfer to camhub_comp as a method Move subroutine diag_su
Page: Stage-1-8.5
Initial merge of srfflx_parm and srfflx_state Ideal engineering time: 3 days Do an initial merge of srfflx_parm and srfflx_state (just use the union of what's currently there). This represents about 36 files, and rearranging camsrfexch_types and the alloc
Page: Stage-1-9
Move 2D arrays in comsrf to physics/ice or ocean Ideal engineering time: 1.5 weeks Move the following 2D arrays from comsrf into physics only modules. landm sgh sgh30 fv ram1 fsns* landfrac_field* (used in restart_physics) fsnt flns srfrpdel psm1 prcsnw t
Page: Stage-1.7.8
Cleanup coupling layer Get SCAM to work. Move to Brian K., naming convention: _mct at end rather than beginning Create one module as suggested by Brian K. Add header and comments Make use of "use only" for modules (unless list is huge) Make atm_init just
Page: Stage-1.9.5
Ideal engineering time: 3 days Final cleanup, from previous tasks Remove fsns from comsrf. Remove landfrac_field from comsrf. Remove comsrf completely. Any other straggling tasks that are left over, or weren't done consistently.
Page: Stage-I Performance Improvement
Stage-I Code Performance Improvement Suggestions: 1.) Use pointers to CLM internal data: There's code in csm_share for a performance improvement of using pointers to the CLM internal data rather than having a separate copy for ESMF import and export state
Page: Stage-I Validation
Stage-I ESMF Validation Work Information on CCSM subversion repository Information on the bld-cases.csh script for bluesky Information on standard cam test suite Timing results Work on phoenix 1.) Information on the CCSM subversion repository To view code
Page: State-1-9
Redo surface component initialization (Stage-1-9.1) Ideal engineering time: 3 days Much of this is completed in Mariana's work with MCT. srfflx_parm2d is no longer used inside cam. srffflx_state2d should be remaned as cam_in, surface_state2d should be ren
Page: Superparameterized CAM (SPCAM)
Superparameterized CAM (SPCAM) SPCAM implements a 2D cloud resolving model (the System for Atmospheric Modeling SAM, Version 6.8.2) in CAM5.2 to replace its conventional parameterization for moist convection and large-scale condensation. Two different set
Page: Supporting multiple soil water retention curve methods in CLM
Background Currently (in clm4_5_1_r118, and quite a few earlier tags), soil_water_retention_curve_type is set up to (theoretically) support having multiple parameterizations via polymorphism. However, we haven't plugged any alternatives in yet. Sean Swens
Page: SVN Notes for Land Diagnostics
SVN Repository: Reference: CGD Internal Bulletin Board Reference: SVN Manual History: svn log --ver


Page: Team Meeting Apr. 3, 2009
1) Update from Will (Brian and Jim) status of adiabatic test case implementation Seems to run from initial conditions as well as internal (baroclinic wave) test cases (see results) Brian has revised build procedure to conform with standard CAM build metho
Page: Team Meeting Feb. 2, 2009
1) Update from Will (Brian and Jim?) based on quick work summary  status of test case implementation, dynamics-physics interface (Will, Pat) --> see Will's summary mail. creation of initial data netcdf files for the cubed-sphere with staggered grid point
Page: Team Meeting Mar. 5, 2010
Page: Team Meeting May 29, 2009
Update from Will, Christiane, Brian latest tag of the FVcubed dycore, last check-in fvcubed_cam3_6_34_tags/fvcubed21_cam3_6_34 issues in the current FVcubed dycore (parallelization, performance) Extensive problems on Jaguar (Art), still many on bluefire L
Page: Team Meeting May 4, 2009
Update from Will (Brian, Christiane, all) open software issues raised by Will (from web page) Will be discussed off-line; Brian in particular needs time to read through the issues. spun-up initial data file for ideal_phys runs The spun up runs (first 7.25
Page: Team Meeting Oct. 29, 2009
1) Current status of the FVCubed Integration (Will & Brian, Bill) default values and resolution dependencies Bill claims default values can be used up to 0.25 degree, but it is not clear that they run with defaults on J/W test cases bug and/or IBM compile
Page: Team Meeting Sep. 24, 2009
1) Current status of the FVCubed Integration (Will & Brian) Tests 1, 2 and 5 seem to be running, albeit Test 5 with revised nsplit current branch tag: fvcubed03_cam3_6_57, based on fvcubed from June 2009 Bill: there have been more recent updates to fvcube
Page: Testing Upgrade Requirements
Test Recommendations h3. Issues - tests at are not completely up to date. some test cases exist that aren't documented. some test cases are
Page: Timeline
Stage 1: subversion reconnoissance Oct7 set up test repository in svn decipher how cvs did certain things test different design ideas Stage 2: formulate a plan of attack 1wk Stage 3: create source tree for initial port 2wks select point in development sui
Page: To Do
||Completed||Priority||Locked||CreatedDate||CompletedDate||Assignee||Name|| |F|M|F|1365020213894| |nanr|Permian processing. Creating and visiualizing grid.| |T|M|F|1365436019723|1386782449227|nanr|Add fall meeting date (Aug 28th) to PWG CESM website| |F|H
Page: Tony's starting questions
Initial thoughts/questions (and some answers) about PIO from Tony NOTE: comments added since the 1/4/07 telecon are <i>Additional notes from 1/10/07 telecon (with Rob Latham) are red. want memory and performance scaling I/O for cdf and binary MPI-IO is th
Page: Transition Information
To Do links status LGM compset cd: /glade/p/work/jedwards/sandboxes/cesm1_1_2_rel03.LM/scripts >  ./create_newcase -case /glade/scratch/$USER/b.e11.BLMTRC5CN.f19_g16.001 -res f19_g16 -compset BLMTRC5CN -mach yellowstone NOTES: The tag is set for an 850 co


Page: Use of plon and plat in physics and control
Use of plat and plon in cam1/physics has just about been eliminated. Outstanding issues in my working copy of the code are: volcanicmass.F90 - this should be converted to use the boundarydata.F90 module comsrf.F90 I understand that Mariana is in the proce
Page: Using SVN to Work with CLM Development Branches
Terms of Use Introduction Why use version control? "I have always just made my changes using SourceMods, and it has worked fine for me. Why should I start using subversion?" SourceMods work well when you have a small set


Page: Validation test suite
Edit Validation test suite here.


{bookmark:url=}Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model UCAR wiki homepage:{bookmark}


Page: XML Refactor Idea for histFldsMod.F90
Refactor Idea using XML for histFldsMod.F90 The idea is that the code in histFldsMod (all the calls to hist_addfld) is very long and hard to manage/maintain. Another aspect of it is that I use a post-processing script to read in the file (as well as the a


Page: Yeager experiments
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