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The following directory was added:   /net/isf/isff/projects/METCRAXII/doc/MOTE_Statistics

Under that are 3 more directories: ./farStatistics, ./flrStatistics, ./nearStatistics

Each directory contains a listing of the comment messages, and the serial number messages sent by the motes from respective locations.   The extracted messages are generated by /net/isf/isff/src/wisard_code/wisardMessageDecoder program, and there is a shell script to 'extract' them generated by listing the files found in the raw_data repository.   If you are wondering what mote sensors were attached at a particular date, check the 'sn' file.

Each directory also contains a 'raw-data-file by raw-data-file' listing of the mote message recovery statistics for each site/motes.   The statistics are generated by /net/isf/isff/src/wisard_code/wisardMessageStatistics program, and there are shell scripts for that per raw_data files as well.   The results files contain and explanation of how the statistics are generated.   NOTE: this program does not look at the sensor data itself, only the raw message recovery: ie if a proper mote message is received (prefix, eom, correct-crc) it is counted as good.   Good include 'power-messages' which were sent every 1min, and supercede data; ie. 11 of 12 messages are sensor data 1 of 12 power.    Recovery percentage is calculated assuming that each 8 hour file should have 'data-rate'/28800(sec) messages: ie 5760 for data motes and 2880 for power motes.

Here's are summary of the 'readme' files.


Motes on Site
SensorMotes = Xbee

Summary Message Recovery%
for the project

GPS recorded by mote





ID2 = Power Monitor
ID16 = RAD Briefly 10/1-2
ID4  = RAD, 10/2-on

ID2     99.5%       Power Mote
ID16 not calculated, too short
ID4     94.8%       Rad from 10/2
ID22    98.8%       Soil Mote

ID16  3458.0021,N  11103.1736W
ID22  3457.9970,N  11103.1728W





ID19 = RAD (Only 10/2-10/4)
ID17 = RAD (thereafter)
ID5 = Power Monitor

ID1     81.0%       SPN1
ID2     82.4%       Soil
ID5     98.3%       Power Mote
ID17    81.8%       Rad (Note installed 10/5 - 10/31
ID19    66.3%       Rad (Note only for 10/2 - 10/4)

ID1  3501.678,N  11101.353W
ID2  3501.682,N  11101.338W





ID8  = RAD
ID10 = SPN1-RAD (see power monitor mote note about redundant id's also)
ID6 = Power Monitor (near-lower dsm)
ID10/ID110 = Power Monitor (near-up)

ID3     90.4%       Soil
ID8     91.3%       Rad
ID10    89.6%       SPN1
ID6     93.9%       Power Mote
ID110   94.8%      Renumbered '10' Power Mote

ID3   3500.654,N   11102.260W
ID10  3500.6527,N  11102.265W




FLOOR NOTE: Flr recovery with xbee's in the early part of the project was worse than shown (see list).
      The averages shown above include bunches of 100% data points for 8hour files after
      Steve Oncley interfaced them using serial cables (on 10/17?).   It is unknown where the fixes
      that recovered the xbee's (ie xr=0) at far/near would have been as successful in the crater.

NEAR NOTE: ID10 had redundant motes from 10/1-16; 1=SPN1 plus the 2nd=PwrMonitor
      The average shown for ID10 takes the counts total from 10/1-16 and removed an assumed 100%
      data recovery for the power monitor mote.   This can be seen in the associated excel spreadsheet

GPS NOTE: Some Location were obtained for the few hours that they were enabled on the motes.
 The gps' were turned off to save power and prevent those messages 'clogging' the comm. channel
Without gps/time-keeping, the local data storage is worthless so that too was not used preventing
recovery of message outages.   Also Power Monitor motes don't have gps.

PWRMONITOR MOTES: Operated throughout the project without a reset, based upon their internal
data/time incrementing without interruption.  They were interfaced serially and 'outages' were probably dsm?

Note: Data is calculated from wisardMessageStatistics and averaged for '8hour' files encountered
Note: Data recovery = #good-messages / #5secMessagesExpected (ie 5/8*60*60=28800),
      dsm outages also reduce the recovery whether the mote continued working or not.
Note: Calculations do not evaluate sensor data quality!   Bad data in 'good messages' are not accounted for.
Note: #good = includes power measurements which were reported every 1min, and takes place of sensor data