See the page NAGIOS Services for ISS for notes about the NAGIOS checks and web status pages at METCRAX-II.

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Field Logbook Instructions

To enter a blog entry:

  1. Login via the link at top right
  2. Select Add, Blog Post from the upper right menu
  3. Enter a title, and contents.
  4. To aid in searching, use one or more one-word labels which relate to the entry. These are similar to the tklog categories, except there can be more than one. Examples: profiler, surface, sounding, network, iop, power, status, generator, sitevisit, setup, teardown, dataproblem. Everyone can add any label they want, and wiki administrators can add standard labels under Browse -> Space Admin. If labels are used consistently, they can be helpful when searching and organizing log entries.
  5. Save
  6. It can take a few minutes before the new entry is found via the search tools, or listed in index tables.

For more general information such as operations procedures, instrument references, or site descriptions, create a new page. It will be accessible through the page browser or the navigation tree below, or add a link to it on this main page.

It is also possible to attach documents to this page or any pages.

Email Notifications

To configure whether to receive email notifications of updates to this space, do the following:

  1. Login
  2. While viewing this page, open the Browse menu and select Advanced.
  3. In the left-hand panel, click Start watching this space, or Only watch space blogs. To disable notifications, select Stop watching this space or Stop watching space blogs.

The emails may be more readable if you ask for html format:

  1. click on your name in the upper right
  2. choose, Profile, Settings, Email, Edit
  3. select the format you want (text or html), and whether you want the full and/or changed content.
  4. Submit

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