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Announcement: The operation of NSDL has been transferred to ISKME's OER Commons (effective December, 2014) - Read the news release.

This documentation describes the policies, procedures, and services that existed while NSDL was operated by UCAR.

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Paradata Defined

  • Captures usage data about a resource (e.g. downloaded, favorited, rated)
  • Allows usage data to be designated by audience, subject or education level

XML Schema Information

NOTE: this information is required to make this metadata format work in the jOAI application:

NOTE: schema information is always the most accurate information; it supersedes any documentation

Sample Records in XML

Create Item-level Paradata for NSDL

  • Know the URL of the resource in NSDL that you are connecting paradata to
  • Determine the type of usage data being shared (integer, string, rank, vote or rating).
    • Currently the NSDL can only display integer paradata at this time. Any non-integer fields that are used will not be displayed
  • Understand the differences between the data types
    • Integer: indicates the number of times for something
    • String: is text (note, remark, keywords) to associate with a resource
    • Rank: position in a hierarchy
    • Rating: number of times rated on a scale
    • Vote: thumbs up/down indication
  • Determine the kind of data within each type (e.g. viewed, favorited for integer data)
  • Determine if usage data is summative from X point forward or applies to only a certain time period like a week
    • NOTE: Currently the NSDL can only display summative data from X point forward (i.e. a running total)
  • Determine if you want to sort usage data by audience, ed level, subject or no sorting
    • Currently the NSDL cannot sort by audience, ed level or subject
  • Understand the controlled vocabularies (choices) associated with each data type

NSDL Requirements for a Paradata Collection

  • Provide item-level metadata in the comm_para metadata format as described above
  • Share you item-level metadata with the NSDL via one of these methods:
    • Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH)
      • If you need OAI software, consider the NSDL supported jOAI software
      • Know OAI base URL and OAI set (if set is applicable) and send to NSDL
    • NCS (NSDL Collection System)
      • Indicated collection name
  • Provide NSDL the following collection-level metadata
    • Make a collection logo that is no larger than 100 pixels wide by 30 pixels tall
    • Determine a name for your collection
    • Provide a description for your collection
    • Provide name and emails for the collection contacts (responsible party and technical person)
    • URL home the collection (if any)
    • Education level of the collection
    • Audience
    • Rights and access rights information
  • See the Paradata Metadata Rubric for more information about required metadata fields
  • Send the above information to NSDL collections
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