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Another day, another 2 towers.  One crew did tse10 on the east side of the valley, another tse07 on the west side.  What is important is that tse07 is our first solar-powered station and, as such, is the first to have continuous power.  Thus, TODAY IS OUR FIRST DAY OF OPERATIONS!!!  As part of the tse07 installation, we took a soil sample, which also should be the first to be used for Qsoil comparison.

Except for tnw07 (the 60m tower instrumented with DTU sensors), we have now installed everything that we "prepped" in December.  Tonight, I started prepping another 4 towers.

In other news:

  • Samortecnica gave us an update on their tower progress, including that the last 60m tower is now in place (the last 100m tower still needs to be started).  ARL also gave us an update on their towers.  The Google-Drive "Tower Status" has been updated.  33 of the project-total 52 towers in the main array are now built (and 18.5 of them are now instrumented).
  • Santiago got a wireless router working in the ops center, so we now can connect DSMs directly to the tower network as we stage/prepare them.
  • We now have access to some of the power drops and will try to get some of the AC towers going.
  • ARL (and Jose Carlos, of course) helped Cornell drop off their equipment (primarily lidars) throughout the array.

Thus, a lot of activity is going on.