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Sonics and gas analyzers

All sonics appear to be working. The new METEKs needed cal files, so the netcdf data prior to the cal file additions are probably missing values. I think we also fixed an inconsistency in the cal file paths, so sites with more than one dsm may not have been applying the most accurate site-specific boom bearings.

TRH sensors

No change.

Other issues


The radio continued to hang up rsync connections today, even after a few configuration changes to match it exactly with a working radio, rsw06. The latest attempt was to upgrade to the latest firmware, 8.1.4, but even that did not work. We may try adding another radio in its place.  This is being tracked in ISFS-152.

Generating stats_5min.xml

Isabel has written a python script to generate the stats xml file from the sensor list, to reduce the chance for human error in generating in manually. She found several missing TRH sensors and one sonic at the wrong height. Once we've compared the netcdf output using the generated xml file, the manual file will be replaced.


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  1. One thing  I mentioned back during the pre-project preparations (but didn't have the time to test) is that it should be possible to simplify the statsproc xml file by just specifying the variable names in a group without the site suffix:

    "RH.2m  T.2m"

    statsproc (actually StatisticsProcessor::connect) looks at the first variable specified, "RH.2m" in this example, and repeatedly iterates over all variables to find one of that name at any site.  If it finds one, it creates a statistics output for the group and looks for the other variables in the group at the same site, reporting a warning if a variable is not found. So the above specification should result in statistics groups for RH.2m and T.2m at all sites.  If a successive variable, T.2m, in the above example is not found, say for a site "v07", a warning is logged, and (I believe) T.2m.v07 will be filled with NAs in the NetCDF.  Since it doesn't exist in the XML, it won't have any info for the units, or long_name attributes.